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Avocado Trees Are Flowering

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How long does it take for the avocado to mature on my tree grown from seed? I have several avocados now and am waiting for them to grow, the flowers started around March or April.

Hardiness Zone: 10b

By Judith from south FL


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By DeBushe [18]06/30/2010

Lucky you! Probably the avocados will be ripe in the late Fall.


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Archive: Avocado Trees Are Flowering

My 2 avocado trees are over 7-8 feet tall and look like they now have tiny yellow flowers and are pollinating. They are next to each other in our back yard and look great. They are 6 or 7 yrs old. Will they start to have fruit soon? How should I treat them? Any info you can give me will be helpful. Thank you.

Hardiness Zone: 10a

Astrid from Oakland, CA

RE: Avocado Trees Are Flowering

I don't know the care for them, but I do know you have to have a male and female tree or at least one of the opposite of what you have near by. My grandmother had a female tree and a neighbor had a male. She had wonderful avocados, which she shared with the neighbor. Hopefully someone around you has the opposite of yours. Good luck. (05/11/2008)

By Astrid67

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