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Cleaning Gold Rings

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Tips for cleaning gold rings, like a wedding ring. Post your ideas.


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By Faelan (Guest Post)01/06/2009

Scratches and nicks? I have an inexpensive Dremel portable tool, a small pot of polisher and some round cotton polishers, and this gets all the scratches out and polishes perfectly. Wal-Mart has all these things in tool section.

By Ade (Guest Post)04/02/2008

I use Brasso on my gold ring, it takes all of the dirt off and
ends up sparkling and shiny. I can even see my reflection in the ring.

By Jim T (Guest Post)02/27/2008

According to "Consumer Reports" you should soak for no longer than a minute in one part ammonia to six parts of warm water. Clean with facial tissue. If you buy jewely cleaner it smells like ammonia. This method is inexpensive and works great. Do not use ammonia, it will discolor! JT

By Ralphie (Guest Post)09/12/2007

Soak them in Gin for three or more hours and wipe with a cotton cloth.

By meena (Guest Post)07/23/2007

i bought a gold ring a month ago was not that expensive but it already has some scratch marks on it can anyone tell me a home remedy to clear the scratches if possible i dont want to pay expensive jewellers etc...

By Annette (Guest Post)10/12/2006

When you go to the jeweler, they use some sort of polish.. I think it was called a rose stone or something like that. That removes all the little dings and scratches that dull a ring. No home remedies will do that job. Forget it. They only remove the dirt deposits...

By kelly (Guest Post)12/23/2005

Great the baking soda works very great on the Gold. thanks-kelly

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]03/08/2005

Toothpaste makes a great jewelry cleaner and works on most ink spots. Just rub in and rinse.

By IMAQT1962

Editor's Note: Use the white paste, not the gel.

By bea (Guest Post)02/26/2005

using 1/2 cup of mr.clean or windex works great"" the jewlerlers told me

By Linda Watters [6]02/25/2005

I clean my sterling silver with toothpaste and they come out beautifully clean, even when they are black from tarnish.

By Harriet02/25/2005

I worked in a jewelry store for a few years. Although we sold jewelry cleaners we cleaned all of our diamond wedding sets and fine jewelry that customers dropped off for cleaning with 1 part liquid Joy dish detergent and 1 part amonia. Soak jewelry in this for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. They always came out beautiful. No scrubbing at all and no paste to get out of little cracks and crevices. Better than any cleaner I ever bought, OR SOLD.

By Susan K. Beal [3]02/25/2005

Baking soda also works well, but what do you do when the wedding ring has some scratches, which is undoubtedly inevitable for most of us? Is it possible to get rid of the scratches without having to pay a jeweler to do it for you?

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/25/2005

Don't buy expensive jewelry cleaner to clean your gold wedding ring!
Instead use toothpaste! Get a soft bristled brush (toothbrush works nice) put a little dab of toothpaste on it and gently clean your Gold pieces. Do NOT use this on Pearls, Silver, Copper or Brass. And always check your ring's setting for loose stones before cleaning. Also make sure you plug the hole in the bottom of your sink in case you drop your ring!

By Shamrock OCull

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