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Spirits of Ammonia and Coke

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Spirits of Ammonia and Coke

Used as a home remedy for a variety of ailments. This guide is about spirits of ammonia and coke.



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Question: Shopping for Spirit of Ammonia

Where can I find a bottle of spirit of ammonia in Baltimore, Maryland? I used it years ago to help with unbearably painful headaches, due to medical problems. Now the problem is back and this is the only thing to take my headaches away fast, without using pain meds that have been prescribed.

By Dee G. from Baltimore, MD


Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]03/25/2013

Call your local hospital pharmacy.. I have only fainted once in my life, when I was having a biopsy of my uterine lining to check for various hormone levels; the doctor woke me with spirits of ammonia vial. I assume it's still used for the same reason, fainting patients.

Question: Spirits of Ammonia and Coke

My mother used to take an combination of coke cola and spirits of ammonia. It was maybe 4 drops of the spirits of ammonia in a coke glass and drink. I now use it when feeling upset beyond control. I told a doctor about it the other day and she had never heard of it.

They used to sell it at the drug store called READS. They also sold it at Murphy's and Woolworth's. it was on the menu as coke and spirits of ammonia. You can also use it in orange juice.

My question is, has anyone else heard of this?

Thank you,


Most Recent Answer

By Roger B.05/25/2011

Yes used it myself often as a child as did all my family Coach used to give it to use while at summer practice and ball games in the south Central Va. Gets very very hot and humid , I recall being 10 to 12 and going to the local drugstore and ordering it as you described

Solutions: Spirits of Ammonia and Coke

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