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I have taken apart a box of photos in the process of organizing my house. I have a small bag of trash, photos of folks I don't know and doubles but I have many black and white photos from my aunt and uncle. I don't know the people. What can I do with them? There are some pictures of advertisements, families, old cars and trains and landscapes. Any ideas?

Sandy from Baltimore, MD



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By Linda Smyth (Guest Post) 07/23/2008

What a treasure. I would have fun using them for greeting cards. You could come up with some cute lines to go with whatever is on the photo. Sometimes people pull the funniest faces.

The photos of cars and the like are great for male birthday cards. If you place another colour paper underneath and then trim it, use other colours and built it up. It looks great.

If you do not want them you might like to donate to your school or after school program where kids can use it for craft.

Have fun.

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By C.C. (Guest Post) 07/23/2008

I had many of the same ideas about using them for greeting cards. You might also make a collage of the photos and have instant ancestors!

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By Marylin DeYoung (Guest Post) 07/23/2008

These could be a treasure trove to someone who might know these people and places. Try a local historical or genealogical society to see if they would like to have them. Have you checked with other relatives who might remember some of the people?

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By Jan (Guest Post) 07/23/2008

Some people collect old pictures or anything old. They will buy them from you. Look at the ads in the paper or magazine ads.

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By Sharon (Guest Post) 07/23/2008

Try to find someone in the family doing genealogy and give them to the family members. Some of them might not have pictures of the family.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 449 2,082 07/23/2008

Many times, I have gone to Goodwill, to find a basket on the top of the jewelry counter with old photos called "instant ancesters"!! You can donate them for those people who love nostalgiac decor. I have taken post cards that I love, punched equal numbered holes around the edges,placed the gummed reinforcements behind them, and crocheted a border. Then, I simply whip stitch the borders together. You could do the same, with black thread or yarn if they are b/w photos. You might want to glue them to cardboard or felt/foam first so they are stiffer. You could decopage them onto a box, or make them into a collage, reducing the size of some of the photos by cutting out the background stuff. Someone suggested book marks, and that is cool, too.
I once found some very pretty victorian stickers at a dollar store, stuck them back to back with some string coming from the top, and used the rim of a cottage cheese tub to make them into a very quiet "windchime/mobile". Google "old photo crafts" and you might get some ideas, too.

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By Pam (Guest Post) 07/23/2008

Lots of people use them for crafts. If you don't want them, I would love them. Unless you get a good idea for using them pamiam AT I don't have any family. It would be fun to frame then and say they are my family! Good luck, Pam

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By Mere (Guest Post) 07/26/2008

I had a folding screen I used as a room divider in college. The panels had seen better days, so I applied contact paper to the panels and then used old photos, cutouts from magazines, fabric swatches, etc., to create collages on all the panels.

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By Nelda 1 14 05/06/2009

I've collected old mason jars for a number of years, but never knew what to do with them all. One day I noticed my aunt had hers lined up on a bookcase and had placed old black and white family photos in them for display. They make for a great way to display the old ones and you can change them out when you want, very easily.

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By Becca25 11 111 09/05/2009

Even though you may not know the people, a lampshade from the negatives would be great! Check out the link:

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By Barb 1 05/29/2010

If you "find" old photos at Thrift store or garage sale that seem to you to be old (like pre 1940) and they have any identifying information on the back and/or a photographer name/location on them, people like me may be able to unite them with a family member or descendant who would cherish that photo. Not all photos have that type of information on them. Some do. Old funeral cards and wedding announcements are also family heirlooms. I have done this several times in the past. I love genealogy. It is a shame that some old photos are simply thrown away. If you have a photo like that, ask a genealogist you know. I would love to help reunite a photo with a family. Please post a message to this thread and we can connect. Barb

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