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Scrapbooking for 21 Kindergarten Students

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  • I use hanging files in a metal hanging file holder. Each student has a file with a plastic zip loc bag stapled on the inside.

  • I have files for scrapbook pages which are purchased or designed on a PrintShop computer program plus other clipart, stickers and other embellishments for pages.

  • I keep a variety of pens, markers for writing on scrapbook pages.

  • I use notebook plastic sleeves to insert completed scrapbook pages.

  • The scrapbooks are compiled in 1 inch 3 ring binders.

  • The 3 ring binder is one of the items on the kindergarten supply list for the beginning of school.

  • I make student name labels which are put on the spine of the notebook. The notebooks are stacked in a bookcase alphabetically. When a scrapbook page is completed, it is inserted into the plastic sleeve and placed in the student's scrapbook.

  • Photographs of the children are made in duplicate; extra pictures are stored in the plastic bag for future use.

  • I made a collage of pictures entitled "School Days" at the end of each student's scrapbook last year by using the extra pictures, cropping them and placing them randomly on a page entitled "School Days" which had some school clipart. This page featured pictures of all the kindergarten students at different stages of the school year.

  • The scrapbook for this kindergarten class begins with the First Day of School and ends with the Kindergarten Graduation Exercise. All school events are recorded by photos.

  • There is a feature entitled "Famous Quotes" which is cute phrases written down that a student says during the course of a school day. Example: A student named Nathan came in from the playground the first day of school and said, "He had to get the corn chips out of his shoes"! The playground is surfaced with wood chips! It was cute!

  • These scrapbooks are presented to the kindergarten student's parents at the Kindergarten Graduation Reception.

I work on these scrapbooks daily to stay current.

By WandaJo from TN


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By Missy01/03/2006

That is an awesome idea, what lucky parents!

By Pattie Hartley [1]12/30/2005

My youngest son's teacher did something similar last year for his kindergarten class. It is very special, something that will be cherished forever. Thank you for thinking of those lucky parents.

By (Guest Post)12/30/2005

Wow! How very thoughful of you to take all the time that it must have taken to do this. I'm sure the parents really love these, I know I would.

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