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Keeping Track of Appointments

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While I have a big calendar book and a smaller one in my purse, I need a more constant reminder of my medical appointments. What I do now is write them with day, date, time, doctor's name and phone number on a sheet of paper and tape it to side of computer near the front edge. I rewrite the list as necessary. They could also be written on a dry erase board attached to front or side of refrigerator.

By knitter926 from Bloomington, IL


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By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]08/12/2009

Since I'm visually impaired and can no longer use a paper-and-ink Day Planner, I rely heavily on my MS Outlook Calendar. Everything that absolutely has to be done in an exact timeframe goes in there, including phone calls.
I begin with the timeframe. Then I use the purpose of the reminder in the Subject line, and put any important info in the Notes. That includes the phone number, account number if it's a bill, and anything else pertaining to that reminder.
I've discovered through trial and error, reminders can be set in MS Outlook Calendar up to two weeks out, and there's a "snooze" feature for more than one reminder.
Since I work from home and I'm usually in front of my computer pretty much all day, this works best for me.

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]08/11/2009

Thank you all for your suggestions. Eventually I may try some of them. My main problem is I cannot afford a lot of stuff being on soc. sec. The only reason I have this computer is because of check I got after an accident 5 years ago. I am not to much with the 20/21 centuries. My daughter is paying for the cell phone I use. It took me 3 years to get brave enough to try to learn texting. I told her she is forcing me into the 21st century when she gave me a dvd player for Christmas. I barely know how to work it, just watch a movie, that's it.

By Lora08/11/2009

I am in total agreement with Bobbie. I got a Verizon cell phone back in 2008 and stated placing all of my appointments, scheduled T.V. movies (who need TiVo), and To Do lists in the calendar. Do not know how I ever managed without that phone. Before the cellular phone, I was constantly making daily, weekly, and monthly lists. I even had an index list and/or Table of Contents FOR my lists, but it got to be too much of a hassle. Too many lists to keep track of and too much paper. God forbid that I lose or misplace a list. If that happened my entire day was totally screwed. Absolutely love the cell phone feature and highly recommend it!

By suzanne [278]08/11/2009

Go to this website and you can download this great program for free. It is called stickies and it places a little pop up stickie on your computer to remind you of things

By Betty [104]08/11/2009

Bobbi's idea is even better than the Yahoo calendar I use. From now on I'll use both. I've been using my cell phone as an alarm to wake my son but I hadn't thought of using it for appoints. Thanks Bobbi

By Betty [104]08/11/2009

I list all my appointments and reminders in my Yahoo calendar. The calendar is on my home page and I can see every appointment every day when I login. When adding the appointment or reminder I also list my e-mail address and it sends me an alert using the time frame I have entered. Anytime I've used sticky notes I loose them.

By Pat [17]08/11/2009

There is a free program called Stickies which puts a little yellow sticky on your computer desktop. I write appointments and other important info on it, it's a great help.

By Bobbi08/11/2009

My cell phone has a calendar feature that will ring for a reminder. I put EVERYTHING in that thing! You program the appointment, set the day and the time and how long ahead of time that you'd like to be reminded. VOILA! I love it! I would DIE if I lost my phone!


By Cheryl08/11/2009

When I make an appointment, I just write it down with a dry wipe marker directly on the stove or microwave. I keep an old chalk board eraser handy for erasing the note.

Make sure that if you write on a plastic part of anything, that you don't use permanent marker. If such an accident does occur, write over the marks with the same marker and wipe immediately. Usually it will come off. Porcelain isn't such a problem, and difficult marks will come off easily with alcohol.

By Ziggee08/11/2009

I keep track of appointments with my electronic calender I take every where with me and I also have that info on my calender on my computer.


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