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12 Year Old Sleepover?

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My 12 year old daughter wants to have a boy and girl sleepover, but I don't think its a good idea. Any advice?




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By Jordan Mechanzie10/16/2014

Hmm... It sounds to me like your daughter has heard some mention about sex at school and wants to try it. So my answer would be positively NO! I have a friend whose daughter became a mother at 14 because of swimming at school in the pool with a boy. I used to be a teacher and trust me, kids no more about sex then we think and school is the perfect place for them to learn about it...

By c2+b07/25/2011

Only if you want to be a grandparent by the time she is 16. I cannot believe any sane parent would even ask or entertain a girl/boy sleepover at this age, what are you thinking, my daughter would never do anything inappropriate, wake up!

By Asbubbles06/19/2011

I don't think a boy/girl party is good because we all know that inappropriate things can happen when you mix genders, especially at a sleepover. I defiantly give three thumbs down to this party idea. If she wants an older party let her invite her close friends and have a sleepover but not with boys. No boys at parties for girls under 16!

By coolpants01/19/2010

I reckon you should trust your daughter a bit more dude.

By dieneese12/29/2009

Well you don't need any boys sleeping over at all especially at 12 yrs old. I think it is a really bad idea.

By booke [2]10/17/2009

Tell her that she could maybe have a boy/girl party and the boys can leave at a specific time and the girls can sleepover.

That or maybe if one of the boys was having a party have them meet you at a specific place. Then when it's time to go home the girls will go with the girls and the boys will go with the boys.


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Archive: 12 Year Old Sleepover?

My 12 year old daughter wants to have a boy and girl sleepover, but I don't think its a good idea. Any advice?


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