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Where can I get guaranteed shop online now and pay later credit?

By jme from Honolulu


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By pam munro 523 787 10/23/2009

There is a BillMeLater option run through Paypal, that allows you to buy things online (with credit check) and then be billed for the purchase. There is interest if you wait too long to pay, however.

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By Sherry 72 83 10/26/2009

Overstock.com offers that if your credit is good.

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By Carol Borrelli 4 3 02/28/2013

eBay and PayPal together

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Archive: Bill Me Later Online Stores

I want to know if anyone knows of any online stores that allow you to pay COD with a personal check or that will allow to buy now and pay later. Without bill me later they seem to want to reject me and my credit is fine.

Meravbohr from MS

RE: Bill Me Later Online Stores

Tiger Direct uses "Bill Me Later", and I've had no problems. I've seen it on other sites too. Look for the "Bill Me Later" options on the websites you want to shop on. (05/30/2006)

By lkoenig

RE: Bill Me Later Online Stores

Most banks have debit cards for no charge. These can be used the same as credit cards on most websites. You just don't have to pay credit card charges. Just remember to deduct the amount from your checkbook as you would an actual check. (05/31/2006)

By jesij

RE: Bill Me Later Online Stores

Wal-Mart offers "Bill Me Later". (05/31/2006)

By Jo

RE: Bill Me Later Online Stores

LTD Commodities is a place I buy from frequently. I did all my Christmas shopping through them last year. Go to LTDCommodities.com, then you register by making up a business, give it a name, give your name and address as owner, etc. You will get catalogs in the mail, but can also check out their items online. Then you order items, and pay for them after they are delivered. Items may give a price as if ordering three of that item, but can just order one. (05/31/2006)

By Linda

RE: Bill Me Later Online Stores

abcdistributing.com (01/30/2007)

By Lynette

RE: Bill Me Later Online Stores


There are tons of stores that accept bill me later there. (08/31/2007)

By Noel

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