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Can Neosporin be Used On a Dogs Eye Injury?

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Can neosporin be used on my dog's eye injury?

Donna from LA



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By alice08/01/2010

"The warnings on the label apply to humans, not your dog. It is not manufactured to a standard for human eyes but is completely sterile and safe for your pets in small amounts, even in the eyes."

Why would you assume veterinary medications be manufactured to a lower standard than a human medication? Most veterinary medications are exactly the same as human medications and are often available from human pharmacies. What an ignorant statement!

By C.04/08/2010

MKULTRA, your feedback is misleading. The link you sent was for sterile Neosporin Opthalmic ointment. This is NOT the same as the basic Neosporin ointment you might have around the house. Regular neosporin ointment should NOT be used in the eye - it is not sterile, contains different concentrations of drugs, and it is the vehicle (the ointment itself) that makes us worry about irritation and opthalmic damage (not whether it contains the same drugs in the BNP ointment you may get from the vet). The sterile opthalmic Neosporin is safe to use in eyes. However, it is always best to consult your veterinarian, as there may be an underlying cause, such as an ulcer on the cornea, that is causing your pet problems.

By MKULTRA (Guest Post)02/11/2009

Yes, the prescription eye ointment the vet will prescribe for conjunctivitis is the same as Neosporin and can be applied by dabbing a bit on a clean finger and gently wiping into the bottom lid of the eye.

The FDA has approved Neosporin as an ophthalmic ointment for cats and dogs as seen here : ... and-Drug-Administration-Neosporin-PI
Thanks for all your neat opinions but the FDA calls the shots officially on drug safety.

The warnings on the label apply to humans, not your dog. It is not manufactured to a standard for human eyes but is completely sterile and safe for your pets in small amounts, even in the eyes.

Our golden retriever gets conjunctivitis every couple years and shows green discharge like eye boogers first followed by watery eye and redness. Instead of paying $100 plus to the vet every time, I rub a little Neosporin into the corner of his eye twice a day and it clears right up in a day or two. The sooner you see the green eye goop and apply the antibiotic the sooner it will clear up.

By jon. (Guest Post)11/11/2008

Neosporin has drops for the eye, over the counter. It is oftentimes recommended for bacterial eye infections.

By Anzu (Guest Post)04/28/2008

This a little bit off topic but I have a matlis/podde mix hes 4 months old, but i cant bring him to the vet for a couple days or so because of a lot of work(at work at this moment). It looks like he scratched his eye or something along that lines cuz he has this red goop (not blood, cuz my aunts knows a little bit about vet.) but she doesn't know what to put on it till then. Does anyone know of something that can help it a little bit till i can take him? Something that can sort of start healing it or maybe just stop it from getting infected. I put some eye drops on him just to wash off anything in his eye.

By lpgrocks (Guest Post)03/30/2008

Can neosporin be used on my dog small cut on female area where groomer snip her?

By Don (Guest Post)03/19/2008

No. Neosporin has oculotoxic properties. If it is used at all on or around the eyes, it must be used very carefully and in very small quantities. Don from Maryland

By Keeper [57]12/02/2007

Hi,my "Panda"12yrs.old for the 1st time in her life got fleas. Anyway,I took her to my vet, because she'd scratched herself to the bleeding point under her arm. Yes, you can use it like that, but near the eyes! No,l ike it says on the container. Better safe than sorry.
Happy Holidays, Keeper

By Myrna [14]12/02/2007

Neosporin has the exact ingredients in it as does presciption medication Vetropolycin ointment; EXCEPT for one ingredient out of the three has half that amount of units which is Polymyxin B sulfate. The Vetropolycin has 10,000 units while Neosporin or its generic form has 5,000 units.

By Maryeileen [76]11/01/2007

Ask your vet. Or better yet, take your dog to the vet.

By Noella [9]11/01/2007

I would imagine that it would depend on how close to the eye the injury actually is. Many people medicines can be used on animals and many animal medicines can be used on people (believe it or not!). Best, though, to call a vet and many times they will tell you over the phone.

Back in my single days when I was poor, I once used an antibiotic pill (that I was allergic to) on my cat when she got an infection from a cat fight. My vet told me over the phone how much I could use and it worked great and saved me the expense of going into the vet.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]10/31/2007

Do not home treat. Go to your Vet. You could be doing danger to your dog.

Northern Virginia

By suzin (Guest Post)10/31/2007

Our Vet. told us to use neosporin on our dogs skin...he had scratched himself till it was bloody....but I sure wouldn't put it in eyes...even in a dog....Neosporin must be OK for a dogs skin....

By Sue (Guest Post)10/31/2007

Neosporin is not to be used in eyes of any kind. There are special meds for is best not to put anything in your dog's eye that you wouldnt put in your own eye.

By (Guest Post)10/31/2007

My Vet told me to use it on my dog and it worked fine, Don't think he would have told me to do it if it wasn't safe, I did it twice a day until the eye was completely healed, hope this helps you. Shannon

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]10/31/2007

Hum, wouldn't it be best to contact a vet? Take your dog in and let his eye injury which could be serious be treated professionally. I wouldn't think people medicines would be good to use on a dog necessarily but neosporin is a antibiotic cream I think and not meant for the eyes.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]10/31/2007

I don't think I'd use people medicines on a dog anyway....might be best to take your dog to the vet and get proper treatment or atleast call.

By Guest (Guest Post)10/29/2007

No -- it is not to be used in the eyes, according to the directions on the Neosporin tube.

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