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Insulating Windows Against Summer Heat

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The temperatures in FL are starting to go up and pretty soon we'll be back in the heat and humidity. Does anyone have any good, inexpensive suggestions for something to put on the inside of my home's windows to help keep out the awful heat?

Last year I tried using the window film that you can put on car windows and that did absolutely nothing, plus it was a nightmare to put on the windows. Our housing association doesn't want anybody to put aluminum foil on their windows, either. I can't afford shutters, but I need something so that when the heat is at its worst, especially in the afternoon during July and August my house doesn't feel like a furnace.

Even with the AC running, it still is super hot. Not only that, but the AC runs constantly and our electric bills are out of sight. I'd like to be able to save some money, too.

By Louise from Port Charlotte, FL


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By kimwilson558005/21/2014

Does the decorative window film also provide insulation? I want to put this in the bathroom but if it doesn't insulate I can just go with the tinted stuff:

RE: Insulating Windows Against Summer Heat

By JETT92104/16/2010

I live in Florida. To keep the heat out I purchased colored shower liners that match my drapes and shears. I put them up to the windows. It blocks the heat, looks good from the outside and matches my drapes and shears on the inside. My home stays cooler and the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard which keeps my bill lower in the summer.

By doshe [2]04/05/2010

My husband and I had the same problem and we went to a home improvement store and bought the kits to make your own solar screen. It has made all the difference in the world! It was very easy to make and it just replaced the screens that were existing in our window. You could use the screen frames you have, if you have screens on your window, and buy the solar screen material. It's cheap and easy.

By Paulette Gulakowski [7]04/04/2010

My son cut pieces of rigid foam insulation the size of his window and set them inside the frame. he did it to block the light but it worked for insulating, too! He says put a handle on the back of the foam so it's easy to move.

By Michelle [5]04/04/2010

I would try the bubble wrap that you gift wrap valuables with. You can buy from supermarket or post office. I haven't used it but have heard that it does help to block out heat.

By susan [8]04/04/2010

Clear bubble wrap will insulate the glass against cold in the winter and against the heat in the summer. It will also allow light in. You just spray the window with a little water, and the plastic will stick. It doesn't look as obtrusive as foil either. You can still use any type of window treatment inside. However, it won't allow you to see out unless you peel the corner back. I use roll-up blinds on my west facing porch to shield the front of our house from the late afternoon heat. They are relatively cheap, and the temperature difference is noticable inside.

By Wendy04/04/2010

I think attaching roll-up shades to the eaves of the house or apartment really help. That keeps the sun from hitting the glass altogether. On really hot days, I extend the shades their full length to shade the glass and part of the wall of the building, this seems to help. Then on cloudy or windy days, I roll the shades up. But of course this is for the outside. I'm afraid I don't have any good ideas for the inside other than those already suggested.

By Laura Lynn Jump [11]04/03/2010

I'm here with you I am glad you asked the question I will be watching your post for some good ideas that I have not tried and I have tried the things suggested but nothing seems to keep the cool air in I was thinking of putting a little air conditioner in the bedroom window at night instead of trying to cool the whole house maybe just rooms you are in alot that is my next thing I am going to try but will be also looking into any helpful suggestions Ocala florida

By Cricket [205]04/02/2010

Redhatterb, the tinfoil does help to keep the heat out. But personally I don't like it for 2 reasons. Mainly because you can't see out once it's up. And I have to be able to look out my windows or I feel like I'm living in a cave!
Also tho, the tinfoil, even the heavy duty kind, will rip at the drop of a hat.
That's why I prefer the film. The initial cost is higher, but it can be used over and over for years.

By Cricket [205]04/02/2010

Here in southeast NC I use the window film plus rubber backed drapes. I use the kind of film that only allows 5 percent of the light to come through. And I've never had any problem putting it up, taking it down, or reusing it the next year.
My house faces directly into the hottest part of the afternoon sun and between the film and the drapes, plus setting fans around to keep the air stirring, I normally don't have to turn the a/c on till it gets close to or over 100.
By the way, we also have the humidity like you have there. Actually our weather here in summer is almost identical to yours.

By Joan [13]04/02/2010

Do you have those insulated draperies that have the kind of rubber backing on the back side? I think they help some.

By Joan [13]04/02/2010

Here in South Dakota some people put tin foil on the inside of the windows. I could never see that it helped but a lot of people keep doing it every summer. I guess I kind of like to be able to see out side and also have the daylight coming in. I also don't think it looks very nice from the outside. I have read articles that say waxed paper, like you use in the kitchen helps. Haven't tried that yet.

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