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Coffee Can Composting

Coffee Can Composting

Save one of the new kinds of large plastic coffee cans to make a quick counter top compost bin! Label clearly so everyone knows what it is. When it's full, empty it into a corner of your garden until ready to use it!

By melody_yesterday from Sedalia, MO



By Dorie Crews (Guest Post) 05/11/2007 Flag

GREAT idea!

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By Mary 12 195 05/14/2007 Flag

I've been doing this coffee can composting for a long time too. In order to keep any odor down I store mine on a shelf in the refrigerator. Don't forget to toss in your coffee grounds - filter and all!

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By Joy 18 05/25/2007 Flag

what kinds of compostable things do you add to the can... other then the coffee?

And about how long does it take to turn into compost?


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By G Blackman 1 16 07/30/2012 Flag

Every time I try this, I get mold! Yuck! Can't stand to see it. Does putting it in the refrigerator help?

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By Jeannie 3 15 07/30/2012 Flag

Anything that gets people composting is great. I have a one gallon stainless steel bucket with lid that I use. It's big enough for peels, cores etc. It does mold sometimes but that is expected. With the lid, I don't notice any particular odour. I put a sheet of newspaper in the bottom to tidy up the emptying process (newspaper is compostable). The stuff goes out in my backyard composter (which was subsidized by the City). I save some dry leaves in fall to add brown material. When I am planting, I just open up the bottom door and get some compost to add to the soil. If there's unfinished material mixed in, it will break down in the soil.

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By Hilary 4 8 07/30/2012 Flag

I have tried this in the past & everything turned moldy.

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