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Tips for Seniors Living on Limited Income

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I am looking for tips for senior citizens who live on limited income.



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By Adelehel02/28/2013

Regarding food shopping on senior discount days, some markets offer discounts if you bring your own shopping bags too. So keep the bags you get at the store the first time you shop and use them whenever you shop again.

By denise w (Guest Post)01/15/2009

I have lived on a limited income for years and the best I can add is pay your bills first and write down when they come in so you have no surprises always round up in your check book. After the bills, say you have 200.00. Now you can see how many weeks until next check and divide it out so 4 weeks 50.00 per week for expenses. Also I had a car so I would drive around on garbage night and pick up all the goodies the neighbors through out and have a yard sale or bring to flea market.


Use white vinegar for deodarant and antiperspirant. Put in a spray bottle.
Dollar General has best normal price for vinegar at 32 oz--75 cents. If you have a febreze spray nozzle, it will fit right on the bottle. Also, some flavored water bottles are the right size to use nozzles on if you cannot afford to buy a special empty spray bottle.
The vinegar evaporates quickly and really helps clothes stay cleaner longer because of no sweaty smells.

By Bridget (Guest Post)01/08/2009

I look for free samples to have sent directly to my mom. Not only does she get the freebie she gets mail!

By Elaine (Guest Post)01/05/2009

My parents are seniors and there are some great resources - if you go to your state government website there is usually a whole section for seniors and senior help. Also check with your insurance company for discounted rates - and there is a course you can take for seniors that will lower your auto insurance.

Check with your local town about the Senior Center - you can hook up with other seniors who are in the know. AARP has a great website - I am not a senior (unfortunately) but I utilize it. Or go to the library and they will have the AARP magazine there.

Before you purchase anything -- always ask for the senior discount. They will ask you for id but usually you get 10% off.

Retail stores usually have a "Senior Day" were you can shop for 10-25% of the prices. Plus on those days you can go and even if you don't buy anything you will meet other seniors who are looking for savings.

Check with the local churches and see if they have soup kitchens - you can volunteer and get a free meal. A two for one so to speak you feel good about volunteering and you get a warm meal with friendly people.

Best of luck, Elaine

By pam munro [447]01/02/2009

There are many helpful tips here at the site - but seniors can also benefit from many programs and services designated for seniors. Check out the many senior discounts available to you. Research the senior activites and such. Volunteer to get involved - or find a p/t job to supplement your income - many here refurbish items and re-sell them - And of course there are tipe about how to eat frugally here - also check out Hillbilly Housewife on the web for more ideas....

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