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Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

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Has anyone ever heard of a wiener dog breeding with a Pitbull?

By Toby from KS


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By Judy L.05/10/2015

My female dachshund had puppies by a pit bull and there was no complications or deformities. The puppies are adorable and I haven't hadproblems with finding homes for them.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Romeo N M.02/25/2015

This is Tonto. He's 1 years old. And has a long body and really stubby legs.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Heather W.01/29/2015

I have one an let me say, she is the best. She is so funny, sweet, playful, loving, an will protect her family. She thinks she is as big as a horse. I love mine. Would love to have another. Her daddy was wennie, an momma was full pit. People love her an we love her so much more.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Brittany E.01/28/2015

TomB, I mean you no disrespect,but Dox-Bulls are indeed accepted by the American Canine Hubrid Club. I really want one of these dogs. I think my dog would love to have a buddy to play with. I currently have a pitbull beagle mix, and he is amazing.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By amy g01/28/2015

I have two dox bull mix I guess they are now called. We made the mistake of adopting 2 males from the same litter and introduced them into our house with a pit rott mix and English bull dog. Although things are good for the most part they are trying to establish dominance and the two brothers have become very aggressive toward each other and once and awhile the two big dogs!

We have had some pretty brutal fights and have been told one brother needs to go in order for the dogs to settle down. They are both very affectionate dogs with lots of energy the problem is they want to solely have all the attention on them. One needs to go to a home with no other animals so that he can get the attention he needs. Please if anyone is interested emaile me at chevellegirl454 AT we have a baby on the way and can't afford a dog fight to break out around a new born! They are just under 9 months old, neutered and up to date on all shots.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By milltown97801/23/2015

I've have Hercules since birth, he's a very loyal and calm dog. Loves to eat, but very pickie on what he eats. he runs as fast as a bullet, and can jump pretty high, for his lil stubby legs. He's a very good dog, and is a very fast learner. He acts more like a Pitbull. his father was a dox-bull and mother was fullblooded pit, But he was the only pup, that came out like his father.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Jessica B.11/08/2014

Yes! I have a blue nose doxbull named blue! He is almost 4 now and we rescued him at 10 weeks. He's a complete love, loyal to a fault, very smart and very animated. He's about 45 lbs and have short little legs and a long Doxie body but the pitty chest :) He's on the left of this photo and his sissy parris whom is full pit.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Sarah Vilandra V.10/15/2014

I got cupcake from a rescue, I have had her 2.5 years, shes the best dog ever. I am against breeding for profit when so many dogs dont have homes. If you are able to find one Id snatch it right away, they are so rare and everyone that sees her thinks shes the cutest.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Julia Goolia L.10/13/2014

Another picture of Bentley. You can find a bunch of pictures of him on my instagram @iamjuliagoolia

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Julia Goolia L.10/13/2014

I have one! His name is Bentley. I've been trying to spread his picture to let the world know this awesome creature exists. He has an amazing personality too!

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Heather M.08/26/2014

I just got one 4 weeks ago. She is 13 weeks old. Not everyone that has puppy breeds them on purpose. This girl was out of town and her mother wasnt watching properly. As a result weenie bulls. Mine however is scheduled to be spayed in 2 days. She is very cute dog. But a bit of a bully to my pitbull and doxen I already had (both fixed as well). May just be the puppy in her. She plays non stop wjth my pit and he loves having someone to play with because he's still a baby himself. (A little over a year). I dont agree with breeding and selling just for thw fun of it because so many do die in shelters. But accidents will happen. And they are rather cute accidents.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By airazell08/11/2014

My mom has one of these and he is an awesome dog.

By brianhobbs72705/22/2014

@kim if your looking for a mini I'm currently breeding my male with a female mini pit both brown with white belles. I am in the Boston area. If you have any real interest we can talk more I will give you my email and send you some pics. He is a great healthy dog never had any problems with an incredible temperament and great with children need to be exposed to other dogs early because some mini pits do not get along well with other dogs for anyone else wondering but honestly the pit daschund mix is a beautiful and fun breed never mind the cutest puppies and adults to me on earth even at 3 years old my male still looks like a pup, enjoy the breed I am.

By kimhunter0005/11/2014

I had one for 14 years and recently had to put her down. I am looking for another one to adopt. If anyone knows where to get one or where breeding or whose breeding them at the moment, please contact me at 352-433-8700. Any help or any answers to this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

By TomB02/23/2014

Having lost our beloved Lab, we were vulnerable to fost-adopting some amateurs breeding experiment. Adoption by denial, we ended up adopting a Dachshund-Pitt Bull mix. Naturally, we've grown love this little fellow, and he's a great guy, but I don't think we should be encouraging the "thrifty fun" of being a backyard breeder with the expectation that others take responsibly raising their breeding experiments. Period. The shelters are full of this kind of irresponsibility.

As for breeding large and small breeds together, suspend teenage girl sentimentality and think. A quick perusal of Dachshunds suggests they bite more than other breeds (see Wikipedia citing), and they *clearly* have more orthopedically vulnerable due to their longitudinal fuselage; couple this with misconceptions of pit bulls, and you have potential for perpetuating misconceptions associated with Pitts because of the snappy Dauchshund.

Finally, Dauchshund-Pitt Bulls are not a breed. It is a hybrid of two breeds. Reckless backyard breeders might like to increase the cachet of their product by suggesting it is a breed, but no noteworthy dog organization regards them as such. There's a reason these guys don't develop on their own in the wild. Mother nature has natural barriers. So, while cross breeding can often minimize a vulnerability (for example, reducing cancer in Goldens by cross breeding with poodles), anyone assuring you this hybrid as medically sound is likely not expressing any opinion based on data, but theatrical defensiveness.

This doesn't mean I don't like our guy, but I'm not expecting him to be free of dauchshund biomechanical issues. We've worked hard to give him his much needed socialization, and we bear the financial liability (in the form of insurance) because of his Pitt heritage. Hopefully his strong musculature will spare him back problems and needing a chariot later in life.

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Matthew Stacy Scillion S.02/22/2014

This is ours love him he's about 1

By jody c12/07/2013

We just adopted our little Twinky from our local pound yesterday! Santa called my 9 year old an told him he had a early Christmas present! ( our local pound is 1st come 1st serve, an he already had 2 family come look @ him in the last 4 days,we made the 3rd). So far so good and we also have a 3 year old, and Twinky has been awesome with him. We would have loved to have a full breed dog, but I told my husband as long as my boys love the dog and the dog loves them I would rather give a good, grateful dog a home! Twinky is just over a year old, and is housebroken, and will fetch a ball! He has made himself RIGHT @ home!

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Matthew C B.07/04/2013

I love mine and I adopted him

RE: Can You Cross Breed a Dachshund with a Pit Bull?

By Monica B.05/08/2013

Dont litsen to some if these comments they dont know whar they are saying. I have two dachshund/pitbull mixes that are not deformed, they are perfect dogs! They are a very smart dogs! Just make the mother is the pitbull! And if you want proof of my doxbulls look up maxine_and_petey on instagram :)

By Cassie 02/01/2011

I just got a two and a half month old Dachshund Pitbull puppy aka a Dox-Bull! From what I have found on the internet they are a very family friendly dog. Snooki, my puppy is so cute, the body of a Dachshund the face of a Pitbull.

By barbwireneck01/11/2011

Yes you can. It is actually a Designer breed. You can only breed a male dachshund with a female pitbull or as they are really called an American Staffordshire Terrier. I have owned one wiener-pit before and I am planing to breed my female $800 American Staffordshire Terrier with my male Dachshund the next time she comes in heat. Here is the link to the designer web page:

By Marcie [5]07/25/2010

No, no, no! Do not do this! There are too many dogs without homes and any dog crossed with a pit bull is doomed! Very few people would adopt a dog mixed with a pit. And dachshunds are too small. What are you thinking!

By Ashley07/24/2010

It's not a good idea with small dogs and large dogs to cross. They will most likely come out deformed.and if the mom is the Dachshund then she will die during birth, the puppies probably will to.


Why in the world would anyone want to do this? Out of curiosity? And, no, it is not a good idea to breed small and large dogs with one another! As others said, please spay and neuter!

By Sherri [6]07/23/2010

No breeding! Especially with a small to big dog, this can cause serious problems. Have them spay/neutered asap!

By Danialle [3]07/23/2010

Please, please, please do not breed your dog. I have been a volunteer with an animal shelter for 18 years, and I totally agree with muttmom(185). Please re-think what you would be doing to a litter of poor little puppies. We have more than enough dogs and cats that can't find loving homes.

By vicki hood [4]07/22/2010

Please, No breeding. 85% of the pets in most shelters are put to sleep because people don't get their animals spayed and neutered. You want to breed more for the shelter? Begging you, watch the miracle of death (the big needle) at the shelter before you think of new lives from breeding.

By Frances Adams [11]07/20/2010

Just about any dog can be bred with another, may not be a good idea. I saw an ad recently for Dachshund/Labrador mix dogs.

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