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Tie Dyeing With Bleach

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I got bleach marks in various places on a long beach cover-up type dress. Can I do a reverse tie-dye to bleach out other areas to make the bleach marks more uniform?

Maryeileen from Brooklyn, OH



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By carol [2]02/12/2011

I had the same problem but on a solid colour t shirt that I loved. I used a craft sponge shaped like a leaf, some fabric paint and had a ball adding details. the bleach marks are gone and I have had a lot of compliments on the new look.


You certainly can do a reverse tie dye. Just be careful to watch the bleaching process happening in a sink. Bleach on the item too long will put holes in the fabric. Keep in mind, too, that the item will be mainly bleached but you can also re-dye after with a color of choice :-)

There are several tie dye instruction sites but wikipedia even gives history, info on dyes and patterns.

By jean (Guest Post)08/29/2008

You could try doing this with the Tide Bleach pen.

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