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Hamilton Beach Simmer-on Recipes

I just bought a Simmer-on Hamilton Beach Scovill. I bought it from a yard sale. I cant find any info on my computer about it. I wanted to know is it a slow cooker? And if so, can some one please give me some easy recipes. Thanks so much everyone and have a great day. :)

April from Middletown, NJ


Recent Answers

By april [4]04/30/2008

Yes it does look like that..
So its a.....
slow cooker is that like a crock pot?
What can I cook in there?

By KL [3]04/15/2008

Does it look like this:

Then it must be a 2 setting slow cooker.

You can check the bottom for a model number and then go to the link below and get an owner's manual for it:

They also have recipes on the HB site:

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