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Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

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My crystal vases and crystal glasses that were left with water for more than a couple of days have mineral deposit rings where the water level was. I tried vinegar but that did not work. Does anybody know how to clean these rings, possibly without using harsh chemicals?



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By Erin (Guest Post)11/13/2008

When I used to be a waitress we would clean the coffeepots by putting ice, lemon juice, and salt inside and then swishing them around. It would remove stubborn stains, and might work on mineral deposits too.

By Geo (Guest Post)11/13/2008

Have heard that a tablet used for cleaning false teeth can be put in a vase (with water) - soak overnight.

By Mitra [7]11/13/2008

Let them soak in diluted vinegar. You'll be amazed. M

By Tonya (Guest Post)11/12/2008

I soak mine in an orange cleaner found at the dollar tree. It comes in a clear spray bottle with red writing and lists various items that it can be used on. After soaking, I scrub lightly with a very gentle steel wool pad. It works wonders compared to every thing else I have tried! Very little scrubbing involved.

By Louise B. [6]11/12/2008

I have used CLR very successfully on the glassware in the science lab at school. It is a stronger acid than vinegar, but if vinegar doesn't do the job, than you need something stronger. I have not used Lime Away, but it must be a similar product -- that is, an acid.

By Judi [18]11/12/2008

I've used CLR in my crystal vases and it's removed all the discoloration and film.


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Archive: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Can anyone tell me how to clean water/mineral deposits from a vase? I have an antique bud vase - glass - that has deposits. I've tried vinegar thinking that if it works in irons and coffee machines it would work here, but it didn't.

All suggestions are welcome!

Judi in Orlando

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Judi, you might want to try denture cleaning tablets (the kind that fizz), and let it soak quite awhile. (01/14/2005)

By Luvyabye

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Hello All! Try wetting a paper towel with vinegar and then laying the towels over the lip of the vase, or where ever stains are. Leave on for an hour or two, this may have to be repeated. (01/14/2005)

By Trish in Tucson

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

If any of the soaking methods don't work try a bit of water and washing up liquid and a spoon or two of sand. Swish around gently. Keep pouring out and rinsing to check if its clean so you don't overdo it and scratch the glass. Regards (01/14/2005)

By Jo Bodey

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

A denture cleaning tablet and some hot (not boiling) water and soaking for a while like a previous poster stated, worked wonders for me in a similar situation when vinegar didn't work very well. Tori (01/14/2005)

By truerblue

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Pour in some Lime Away and let it really sit. (01/15/2005)

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Judi, Try putting aquarium gravel in with the vinegar. Swoosh it around until it removes the deposits. Jack (07/11/2005)

By Jack

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Try filling the vase with water and drop in a couple of Efferdent (denture cleaner) tablets. (05/27/2006)

By mhetz

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

Have you tried baking soda? It's not abrasive and might do the trick. (08/05/2007)

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

The works toilet bowl cleaner, and also lime away product. Let it set if needed. (04/27/2008)

By larry

RE: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

There is a product called "The Original Buddy" it's a mini scrubber that you drop into the vase - then control it from the outside with a patented magnetic handle. You scrub out the entire inside then just pull the mini scrubber back out - make sense? For tough stains use Buddy with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. or go to Google and type "Vase Cleaner" (05/06/2008)


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