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Baking Soda as a Skin Softener

The best skin softener that I have found to date is baking soda. When used while bathing, baking soda leaves your skin soft and smooth looking. At about 40 cents a box, I don't think any professional exfoliator can come close to such a bargain!

By Michelle H.

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By (Guest Post)09/08/2005

just make a paste with water and GENTLY scrub your skin. You could leve it on as a mask, but not too long. (just about 10 min. max.)

By Nancy Maffia06/28/2004

Hi Michelle,
How do you use it? Do you only let it dissolve in the bathwater, or can you sprinkle it on your washcloth in the shower to use directly on your skin?
Nancy from PA

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