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Ideas for a Beginning Sewer

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I am looking for sewing ideas. I need help making purses, pillows, and things for the home. I would also like to make recycled bags for grocery shopping. I am a beginning sewer. I have made rice bags and a few pillows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Crystal from Zebulon, NC



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By hopeful [26]11/15/2013

I was having the same problem with clumping thread on the bottom of my material as I sewed. It was a new machine. I took it in and paid dearly for servicing. They said they didn't have a problem with it after they serviced it.

I brought it home and it still did. I took it to a different sewing center and the lady told me 90% of these problem. My new machine was doing the same thing - clumping on the back side of the material I was sewing. I have it servms are "a threading problem."

I really doubted her, as I have sewn for a long time, but this was a new machine. I watched her carefully as she demonstrated. I said "I do it right." She told me I wasn't pulling the thread tight enough for it to "click" (before threading the needle.) It has to go into a groove, that you can't see because it is inside the sealed machine head. That is where the tension is applied. Sure enough, I have had no problems since them. She said she sees this all the time. Hope it works for you.

By Lorraine [20]03/12/2009

Since I tried to sew on my new sewing machine I have had so much trouble with the thread clumping on the bottom of the material that I got discouraged in trying to do this.
I have tried adjusting the tension on the top part and still no luck.
I am so happy that you are going to sew.
It's really worth the effort.

By Misty [4]03/08/2009

You could also check with your local library and see if they offer classes. Our library has quilting classes and other "craft" classes.

By Kim Churchman [3]03/07/2009

Take a long look at a shopping bag in the store and you'll figure it out.

By carolcoen [1]03/07/2009

Try They have easy-to-do sewing patterns. And they have alot of other good things too.

By Donna03/07/2009

There is a wonderful web site with all kinds of tutorials on It's free, or you can pay to join to participate in swaps and stuff.

By lara [16]03/06/2009

A good site for beginners is They have many different categories, so just search for sewing, etc. You should be able to find instructions there.

By Patricia Eldridge03/06/2009

Go to and click on the "blog". They have all kinds oftutorials, patterns, tips, etc. for the beginning seamstress as well as the more experienced sewer.

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