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I Found a Duck Egg


I found a duck egg. I don't know how to tell if it's still alive. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Chaeda from Columbia, MD



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By Miriam H. 1 05/12/2012 Flag

I found an egg. I do not know what to do and I do not know if it is alive or not.

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Question: Caring for an Abandoned Duck Egg

I found a duck egg yesterday (April 2, 2013) and the mom has not been near it for about 8 hours. What should I do?

By Tuscani Rose

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Archive: I Found a Fertilized Duck Egg

I have a fertilized duck egg which I found, but don't no whether it is alive or not. How can I tell?

Holly from England


RE: I Found a Fertilized Duck Egg

Hold it up to a 40 watt light bulb you should be able to see what is inside. (05/16/2006)

RE: I Found a Fertilized Duck Egg

I use to raise ducks,lots of them. If you want to find out if the egg is fertile you use a tube that fits over the light bulb with a hole in the top that the pointed end of the egg fits in. The egg should have blood veins running through it.If you didn't find this egg in a nest there is a good chance it is not fertile until it has been set on by a duck for at least a week.If the egg was cold when you found it anything in it is aready dead. (05/17/2006)

By Jan

Archive: I Found a Duck Egg

I found a duck egg. I don't know how to tell if it's still

alive. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Chaeda from Columbia, MD


RE: I Found a Duck Egg

Try to find a bird rescue site that's local online. They will

take it and take care of it if it's alive. (03/30/2007)

By <a href="

profile=thr416933">Lily 59

RE: I Found a Duck Egg

I know freshly laid eggs can last up to 10-14 days cold and

still hatch. They seem to go dormant then once put under a bird

or in an incubator they start to grow and take the usual days to


Nicki from England (03/31/2007)

By <a href="


RE: I Found a Duck Egg

It doesn't matter what kind of egg (curious how you know it's a

duck egg:-), but all above tips are correct. They remain non

fertile until the hen begins incubating them. Once incubation

begins they will be dead in shell if the process is interrupted

(lack of heat) for more than a a few hours. You can "candle"

them by cutting cardboard circle to cover a flashlight with a

hole in the center (place the egg) going in a dark room, place

egg in hole and see if there are red veins). If you decide to

make a homemade incubator temp 100 or 101 degrees, be sure to

provide moisture and softly turn the egg periodically. Good

luck! (04/01/2007)

By macawmadam

RE: I Found a Duck Egg

From what I've been reading online, wild duck eggs, if touched

by humans, may never be taken back by their mothers. Consider

carefully before you pick up wild duck eggs, the mother may just

be off the nest getting some food. (05/01/2007)

By <a href="


RE: I Found a Duck Egg

Eggs don't get fertilized by something sitting on them.

Here is the bird side of the birds and the bees from, by Jim Berry:

"After mating, inside the female, sperm swim up a tube called

the oviduct, at the end of which there is an ovum, inside which

resides the female sex germ. If the ovum is mature, it's already

equipped with yolk, the yellow part of the future egg. The sperm

may now fertilize the ovum by penetrating it and uniting the two

sex-cells' genetic material.

After fertilization, the ovum with its yolk begins its own

journey down the oviduct, a process lasting about 24 hours.

During the first three or four hours, moving at about one tenth

of an inch (2.3 mm) per minute, albumen (egg white) is added

around the ovum and its yolk. The yellow yolk will serve as food

material for the developing chick; the white will mainly keep

the yolk from drying out, and will give the yolk physical


Now the future egg slows to about 40 percent of its earlier

speed, and membranes are added around the yolk and egg white.

Finally the shell is put in place, taking 19 to 20 hours. Then,

the hen Mallard lays her fertilized egg!"


By <a href="

profile=thr715957">the Oracle

RE: I Found a Duck Egg

I use to have a duck. If any of your have a store called

Southern States near you, that is where we used to buy our duck

food. If not, check with some local farms, they should be able

answer your questions. (06/03/2007)

By Paul

RE: I Found a Duck Egg

I found a duck egg too and you just have to put it in a cup with

a wash cloth underneath it and put a light over it, but not too

close. Spray it with warm water every hour and turn it 3-5 times

a day. To see if it is alive just put it under a flashlight in a

dark room. (06/24/2007)

By moogan

RE: I Found a Duck Egg

First see if it's warm. If it it is cold, throw it out. If not

take a egg carton and shine a light through it and put the egg

on top if there is a embryo inside. Keep it warm (not hot) and

find someone who can incubate it. (05/11/2008)

By Janelle

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