Removing Silly Putty Stains from Clothing and Fabric

Silly Putty is great fun to play with. Unfortunately is often ends up in clothing pockets. The resulting stains can be difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing Silly Putty stains from clothing and fabric.

Red plastic egg for Silly Putty. Removing Silly Putty stains from clothing and fabric.
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Question: Silly Putty Stain

By lisa montoya 1

How do you get silly putty out of a blanket?

By Lisa from Colorado Springs, CO

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Most Recent Answer

By jenny 2 25 Flag

January 20, 2011

My suggestion would be to freeze it, then use a butter knife to scrape it off. Hope that does it. Jenny

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Question: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

How do I remove Silly Putty from clothing? Thank you for info.

A Nobell

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By Jaimee 1 Flag

April 18, 2010

I used the silly putty I could pick off to get the rest off. silly putty sticks to silly putty so it just pulls it right off.

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Tip: Removing Silly Putty from Plush Robe

By pszeliga63 1

This just happened to my grand-daughter's plush robe. Scrape off as much of the Silly Putty as you can, then wet a soft cloth with Noxema facial astringent and rub the stain. The putty will dissolve away. You may want to test a small area if working on dark fabric. I tried this on a whim and was amazed how well it worked.

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    Question: How Can I Remove Silly Putty from Polyester Fabric?

    By De 1

    I have silly putty melted into a polyester comforter, any solutions for removal?

    By De

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Georgia 1 Flag

    January 12, 2015

    I just did this this morning and we are going to try washing it and I'll let you know if it works.

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    Question: Removing Silly Putty from Socks

    How do I remove Silly Putty from socks?

    By D J from Smithville, TN

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    Question: Removing Dried Silly Putty from Fabric

    How do you get silly putty that has dried on fabric out?

    By Beverly

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    Archive: Silly Putty on Shirt

    My son got silly putty stuck to his shirt and I can't get it out. Any suggestions? Thanks!




    I've had the same problem several times with my son. Goo-gone worked pretty well. Good luck to you. (04/01/2005)

    By Wendy


    Freeze, then scrape it off with a plastic scraper or credit card. (08/17/2006)

    By camo_angels

    Archive: Silly Putty on Clothing

    How do you get silly putty out of clothes?

    Tammie from Edmonton Alberta Canada


    RE: Silly Putty on Clothing

    ----> To remove silly putty, use a bag of ice to freeze area (or put it in the freezer if item fits) Scrape with a credit card (or use a hammer)... Squirt on WD-40 to remove the rest, work it into putty, let sit then scrape the rest off with an old credit card. Now you have to remove the WD-40. Pour on shampoo (shampoo is made to remove grease from you hair, and that's what's in WD-40) Or use liquid laundry soap. Work it in with a tooth brush or rub it in & let sit about an hour, then laundry as usual.

    ----> IMPORTANT ... before putting clothes in dryer, first check to make sure any stains are gone, because the heat will set the stain!

    ----> The best all around stain remover (including mustard) is any brand of waterless cream hand cleaner (the kind mechanics use, like Goop brand) This is available at most Dollar Stores.

    ----> Another cool tip. To remove blood (even dried blood that's sat for weeks! and blood that's on colors) I use straight Ammonia (not the sudsy kind, just the least expensive brand you can buy) Hold your breath & open a window... then pour ammonia on stain, you can work it in with a toothbrush, but I just throw it in the washer, let sit for a bit then wash as usual. (do not add bleach to any load with ammonia!) You may need to do this several times if the blood has sat for many days. But you can usually see the blood disappearing right before your eyes, it's pretty cool! Ammonia also gets rid of blood on carpet and furniture too, but spot check first to test fabric & make sure you rinse well.

    ----> My favorite tip is this amazing little tid-bit: Peroxide will remove nearly anything organic from carpet (and clothing) including blood, It removes coffee & tea stains, food of most kinds, etc. Simply amazing stuff! (spot check carpet & furniture first) then pour a bit into the bottle cap, and pour this onto the stain (or put peroxide in a well marked spray bottle) and spray directly on spots, watch it fizz, leave set for a few minutes, especially if the food or drink has hardened. Blot with a WHITE towel or white rag, then if needed, spray peroxide again, wait, blot and do this repeatedly until the spot is gone. When I say peroxide works on organics, I mean it won't work for pen or kool-aid stains or other non-natural stains, but it should work for juice, coffee, blood and other natural biologic types. I just cleaned up an extremely badly stained carpet, and made it look just like new, using nothing but the Peroxide you buy in the first-aid isle at the grocery store. The spilled latte and other food and tea stains just fizzed right off, and no need to rinse either. Also another bonus: The peroxide doesn't leave a film to attract more dirt as soap products do! (08/26/2006)

    By Cyinda

    Archive: Silly Putty Stain

    Does anyone know how to get Silly

    Putty out of material? My child had Silly Putty on my sofa throw and the throw was sat on. I

    have picked off what I can pick off, but its still there.

    Thank you.



    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    My kids have gotten Silly Putty stuck to various things in the past. You could try putting a

    little ice on it and try "chipping it away". This has worked for us before on clothes. Then I

    was able to wash them. Good luck. (06/05/2005)

    By Tracy115

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Call the 800 number on the package. I had SP Putty on my carpet and I called them. They told

    me exactly what to do to remove it and it worked. You could not tell where it has been when I

    finished. (06/07/2005)

    By Sherrye

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Check out the manufacturer's website for details on how to remove Silly Putty stains from all

    kinds of stuff: (06/07/2005)

    By Trix

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Try Woolite Oxy Deep. I just discovered Silly Putty on my new sofa (who knows when it got

    there) and wasn't too keen on putting wd-40 on it so I tried this first. It actually came out.

    I was able to rub the fabric together, but if you aren't I would just try using your fingers

    or maybe a toothbrush. If it doesnt all come up in one session retry later on. It took me

    about 1/2 hr to get it out. Not too bad considering it was the whole egg of putty.


    By Sarah

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    I had the triple whammy. Silly Putty in my daughter's hair and the pillowcase and her down

    comforter (she fell asleep with it in her hand). For the hair, Pam worked well. Spray it on

    and work it out with your fingers or a comb.
    <p.For the pillowcase, I tried the freezing and WD-40 and that worked OK, the putty didn't

    really chip off, parts of it did, but the thinner portions stayed on. Also, it starts to thaw

    and get gummy again pretty quickly. The rest dissolved fairly well with WD-40.

    For the down comforter, I had to think of something different, as I didn't want to spray it

    with WD-40 and I couldn't fit it in the freezer. This is going to sound crazy, but I used more

    Silly Putty. I was standing there trying to decide what on earth to do, when I took the little

    ball of SP that was left over and started quickly dabbing at the comforter. It worked. The

    ball of putty pulled off what was on the comforter. Warning: dab in quick thrusts so the

    additional putty doesn't end up stuck as well (although even when this happened, I was able to

    pull the bulk off and get all of it off). (09/03/2006)

    By Linda

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    OK, so someone got Silly Putty on our couch, and there was no way that we were going to put

    WD-40 on it and the ice wasn't working. So we got out a dull knife and chipped away at the

    excess silly putty. Then, we took this carpet cleaner that we got at Sam's called Spot Shot

    Professional Instant Carpet Stain Remover, and it worked perfectly. (12/02/2006)


    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    I just discovered that nail polish remover works really well. I got some on polyester "fleece"

    pajama pants and that's what I had handy and decided to try.
    Good luck to anyone trying to remove this stuff.

    (The only reason I have it is for strengthening my muscles after recovering from tendonitis. I

    do not recommend this product for anything, but therapeutic purposes.) (12/12/2006)

    By Sophie Abigail

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Just rub salt in it and it comes right off like magic. (12/31/2006)

    By smacd

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    I had some Silly Putty totally ingrained on my carpet. Some raspberry Smirnoff did the trick

    nicely. (05/17/2007)

    By Pete

    RE: Silly Putty Stain Remote Control

    My daughter put green Silly Putty on the remote control. I gave up trying to clean it off. In

    about a week it dried up into a fine powder and I was able to just gently dust it off with a

    cloth. (06/30/2007)

    By Joel

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Ice cubes don't work very well, but we used Oxi-clean laundry stain remover and it worked

    really well. (08/23/2007)

    By Alice

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    I used hand sanitizer which is technically alcohol and it worked also to remove Silly Putty

    off my sweatshirt. Thanks. (11/13/2007)

    By Carlos

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    I tried the rubbing alcohol and I also tried ice, they both left green marks. I tried Zout

    Oxy, a laundry stain remover, and the Silly Putty disappeared right away. (02/07/2008)

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Don't use rubbing alcohol on denim. It fades the fabric. (02/10/2008)

    By glee

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    Rubbing alcohol leaves a stain. (08/08/2008)

    By Doesn't agree

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    You can use WD-40 and then let it sit for about 10 min. Then scrape with a knife lightly.

    Meghan (09/09/2008)

    By Meghan

    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    My sister got silly putty on her blanket. We washed it with bleach in really hot water and it

    came off. (12/23/2008)

    By McKenzie

    Archive: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    My daughter got silly putty all over her coat. It was in the pocket and somehow from sitting on it, etc. it is in spots all over it now. I was able to pick off the "putty" parts, but there were stains left.

    I tried to wash it in the washing machine, but the stains remained (however, when it was wet they appeared to be gone). Has anyone tried a remedy after trying to wash them out? She just got the coat a couple of weeks ago and I hope that by washing it the stain wasn't set further. Please let me know any suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Patty from Spencerville, IN


    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    After sitting on my 3 year old's son's Silly Putty in a brand-new shirt, I just now took rubbing alcohol, saturated a cotton ball, then used that to soak the back of the area that the Silly Putty was stuck on. Worked like a dream; the silly putty released and my son can even have it back now. (09/05/2007)

    By Gem

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    Just wanted to offer a non-toxic solution for removing Silly-Putty from clothes: my son had it on on pants (jean-like material) and I used Simple Green. I sprayed it full-strength directly on spot and scraped with credit card. Had to spray a few times, and I kept scraping, but within minutes I had it all removed. Hope this works for you. (10/24/2007)

    By Faith in Michigan

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    Ethyl rubbing alcohol worked the "best". I wouldn't even mess with Goo Gone after using both on fleece and cotton bedsheets. So glad I found this website. (12/07/2007)

    By Lisa

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    Wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol worked wonder's on my little 3 year old's cotton pajama pants in which he slept on Silly Putty all night. Freezing and icing was totally worthless. Thank you. (01/01/2008)

    By mdk84

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    My daughter rubbed the Silly Putty into her favorite pajama pants (100% polyester) because she thought she could get a picture of Strawberry Shortcake. While the putty was still gooey, I used a Q-tip to soak the putty and surrounding area with rubbing alcohol. I then used a butter knife that was a bit serrated to scrape it off slowly. It removed all of it without damaging the material. (03/02/2008)

    By Beth from Michigan

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    I used shaving cream; it works so good. (05/25/2008)

    By Sadie

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    I used the alcohol method on a fuzzy blanket of my daughter's and it came right out with hardly any effort. I'd certainly try it in on clothes now that I had such success. For a dry clean only item, I'd take it to your cleaners and see what they can do and tell them about the alcohol. They'll know how the fabric will react. (07/04/2008)

    By kimmom

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    I'm 15 and my little brother thought it would be funny to stick silly putty on me while I was sleeping. Of course it was on my favorite shirt. I put OXyClean spray on it let it sit and scraped it off with a disposable butter knife. Took 3 minutes. Glad my shirt's OK. (08/11/2008)

    Silly putty on clothing

    My son got silly putty in his hair, bed, and carpet. Shampoo, conditioner, and a comb took it out of his hair. I used hand sanitizer on the bedding and carpet: just squirt some on the area and rub with your finger-tips until it comes out. It does still leave a little bit of a stain, but it takes it out. Good luck to all. (10/05/2008)

    By Amber

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    I used the dual action Oxy from the Dollar Tree and it got Silly Putty out of my daughter's pants and sheet. She fell asleep with it in her hand. Then, I washed both with a large scoop of the Oxy crystals and some detergent. When I first saw the mess I thought I would have to throw them away. Now, they are both good as new. And best of all, no stains. Thanks. (10/25/2008)

    By Beth

    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    My daughter had a sleepover and her friend got Silly Putty on a sweater I bought her for Christmas and a pair of her pajama bottoms that were on her bed. After seeing these different suggestions, I tried a combination of things: Avon Skin So Soft, LA's Totally Awesome (which you can buy at the Dollar Store, which is totally awesome) and Spray and Wash. I think that the Totally Awesome worked the best. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I got it all out. (02/21/2009)

    By Anna Sophie089

    Archive: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    My granddaughter tried to hide pink Silly Putty between the tongue of her brand new high top tennis shoes and her sock. It was there all day, so by the time she got home it was smeared over both. I've tried putting in the freezer over night, Dawn liquid, and hair spray. It won't move. Please give any suggestions.

    By Darlene from Hanahan, SC


    RE: Silly Putty Stains on Clothing

    Try eanut bButter. It works great with chewing gum, so it might work. (12/26/2009)

    By jennyjay

    Archive: Silly Putty Stain

    Does anyone know how to get silly putty out of material? My child had silly putty on my sofa throw and the throw was sat on. I have picked off what I can pick off but it's still there.

    Thank you,


    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    My son sat in silly putty in his nice church pants. Tried salt with no luck. Used Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner/De-greaser and it came right out with a little scraping. (02/01/2010)

    By oceanseeker

    Archive: Silly Putty Stain

    My grandson got Silly Putty all over his bed comforter. How do we get it out? Any suggestions please.

    By Dorothea from Tucson, AZ


    RE: Silly Putty Stain

    There are some good suggestions in the ThriftyFun archives below the comments :-) (04/23/2010)

    By Deeli

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