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Small Wildlife Under a House


What's the best and most humane way to get rid of raccoons and possums under our mobile home?

By Tolagirl from Capitola, CA


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By Barbara Moreland 4 13 08/20/2009 Flag

Try throwing some moth balls under your home. They usually do not like the smell. Just make sure you do not have any pets that can get them.

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By susan cantin 5 100 08/20/2009 Flag

We had coons in our shed. We tried what the wildlife people told us to try. Leave a light on, play music. They thought it was a 3 star hotel :). What actually worked was ammonia. We left a pail of it in there and they scampered. We filled in the ground hog holes which was their entrance. Not sure if you want to try the ammonia under your trailer, but worth a try. Don't let any of your animals near it though.

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By Lawonna Patrick 1 2 08/24/2009 Flag

When we bought our house, we had raccoons living in the top of our garage. A box of moth balls did the trick. A mommy raccoon and three babies. The mom was able to relocate her family.
When we called animal control we were told raccoons are euthanized because they have round worms that lives in their feces. Animas and even humans(sand boxes) can possibly ingest these worms with fatal side effects. We didn't want the raccoons killed. Thank goodness the moth balls worked. Our entire back yard smelled for 3 months but it was worth it.

My neighbors had raccoons enter their house through their dog door. They used loud music and bright lights and that did the trick for them.

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By Virginia 13 115 08/26/2009 Flag

You can put the moth balls inside a piece of panty hose and tie it to keep other critters from accidently eating them.

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By DeBushe 19 163 08/31/2009 Flag

When you do finally get rid of the critters you need to make sure the skirting on your mobile home is tight without any holes for them to get in again. We have lived in a mobile home park for 16 years. Critters can get into smaller holes than you can imagine. Stuff the small holes with foil. Use boards on the larger holes. A couple of cats would help keep the critters away, too.

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