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Blanching Peppers?

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I would like to know if you can blanch peppers (all kinds). And if you can, how you do it? How many minutes? And how long do they last?

Lilly from the Bronx


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By Lori Tabaska (Guest Post)07/29/2004

I use this method, also. It works fine. If you use the peppers for stuffing, don't defrost them. Stuff them and put them straight into the oven to prevent them from getting to soggy.
This freezing works great when it's the end of summer and you are inundated with peppers from your garden.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]07/28/2004

I don't know what the book says about this, but I freeze bell peppers all the time with no blanching. I just remove the seeds and either freeze them whole for future use for stuffed peppers, or chop them and pack them into zip lock bags and freeze them. Then if I need a few for a stir fry or to add to any recipe, just flex the bag to loosen the chopped peppers and use what you need, and reseal the bag and return it to the freezer. I always grab up all the marked down peppers I can find at the supermarket.
Harlean from Arkansas.
P.S. I believe this method would work for any kind of peppers.

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