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Killing Weeds in Flower Beds

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Flower Beds

It can be a challenge to destroy the weeds while maintaining the flowers in your garden. This guide is about killing weeds in flower beds.



Here are questions related to Killing Weeds in Flower Beds.

Question: Herbicide for Flower and Shrub Beds

How do I kill weeds in my flower and shrub beds with no harm to my plants?

By Harold P


Most Recent Answer

By ken [1]06/09/2011

Pull all the weeds that are up, then spreed a product called Preen this will keep weed seeds from germinating but doesn't harm the plants that are already up and growing

Question: Flower Safe Weed Killer

What weed killer can I use that won't kill my flowers? They are beginning flowers that have not budded yet, they are cock's combs. Please help. There are so many weeds mixed in with them and I'm afraid to pull them because I am pulling the roots of the flowers up too.

By sumdawn


Most Recent Answer

By Dreamwvr [1]06/17/2011

Use layers of newspapers to cover up the weeds (you can place some dirt on top to help hold them down, etc). This will prevent the weeds from getting light and it's easy and inexpensive. :)

Question: Weeds in Peony Bushes

How do you kill grasses in peony bushes?

By Bev

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]03/25/2014

Carefully pull the grass out by the roots and mulch well to eliminate future problems. It may be easiest, if you live in a cold area, to do this when the peony is dormant so the plant won't be disturbed. You can also dig the peony out if necessary, clean the weeds from the soil, then replant the peony. It's a lot of work, but you'll be left with a really nice flower bed next year.

Question: Homemade Weed Killer for Flower Garden

I would like a recipe for a homemade weed killer for my flower garden.

By Jaci

Most Recent Answer

By Flower Girl03/31/2014

How to kill weeds before my annuals come up?

Question: Killing Weeds in Flowerbeds

I am looking for a way to quickly kill weeds in my flowerbeds. I am thinking of using Quick Kill. Is that safe and does it work? I need help. Thanks.

By Theo

Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]06/29/2013

Pesticides and herbicides are being linked to so many health issues.

This is my favorite. Step on and squash/break weeds, cover with mulch. That's it.

Question: Shrub and Flower Safe Homemade Weed Killer

What is a homemade weed killer you can spray in your garden that won't kill the bushes and flowers?

By Laura K.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/10/2012

Check the extension website (find it in your telephone white pages or by Googling) for loads of good information on controlling pests and plant diseases specific to your area.

Question: Killing Weeds Without Killing Flowers

I put periwinkles in some old good dirt, but I see with different kinds of weed peeping up. How can I kill the weeds without killing the flowers?

By V from Hephzibah, GA

Question: Weeds in Iris Bed

What can we use to kill weeds in an iris bed without harming the irises?

By Barbara from Paducah, KY

Question: Flower Safe Weed Killer

I have weeds that have come up. I pull them, but there are some that I can't get a hold of even after it has rained. So I wanted to know what kind of weed killer I can use that won't harm my flowers that are beginning to grow.


Question: Weed Killer for Flower Beds

Is there a weed and grass killer that is not harmful to flowers, so that it can be used in flower beds?

By DeeDee from Amarillo, TX

Solutions: Killing Weeds in Flower Beds

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