Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

My dog has scabbing on his floppy ears, which bleed when he shakes his head. This is a cycle that occurs over and over. He is on predisone and allergy meds, he eats a raw diet, which cleared up his constant vomiting and loose stool. I really would love to get him off the meds, but his sinus issues are severe as well. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

By Linda from Pelham, NY

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My Maltese had the same thing happen but it was all over his body. Meds didn't work so I changed his diet from expensive canned dog food from the vet to boiled chicken strips that we cut up into tiny peices and also crush dog vitamins from the health food store over his food. He is fine now and never been bothered again.

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My Cairn terrier constantly chewed his skin until his hair was gone. He was miserable. We changed his diet and he would improve for 6 months or so and then go back to chewing himself. We kept changing foods until we ended up with a home made diet of brown rice and salmon. He ate this until he passed away at age 17 with a full coat of hair.

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My English Bulldog had terrible allergies (itchy skin and ear infections). We went to several vets and canine dermatologists. We were told by one dermatologist that he needed his ear drums taken out and his ears sewn shut his ears were so terrible. He had inhaled and food allergies. As a last resort before doing the allergy shots and surgery, we put him on generic Claritin (1 per day) and a homemade diet with no grains, corn, soy, eggs, dairy, chicken, beef, ham, peas, and several other things.

We also tore the carpets out of our house and put in hardwood floors. He currently is on a vegetarian diet. He is on a multi-vitamin from Pet-co- he gets 2 per day. He is thriving now- even our vet was amazed by his improvement. It is a lot of work and hard to find what works, but it is all a product of trial and error. It is a never ending process to find the right diet for him, as I think he becomes intolerant to certain types of food after a while of eating it- but worth the effort. Good luck!

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I just posted this comment elsewhere on this site. It had to do with chronic ear infections. My dog also started scratching like crazy. Please read...

I just discovered something alarming about canned dog food. One of my dogs is 5 yrs. old and has never had an ear infection or ear problem. I just recently converted both of my dogs to a wheat-free and corn-free diet. I switched them both to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance L.I.D. food. Everything was fine until I purchased their canned dog food to add to the dry food. One of my dogs got a severe ear infection 5 days after consumming the canned food.

My neighbor had this same exact problem with his dog. Last year his dog was rushed to the vet with the same symptoms. His dog was being fed dry dog food with Alpo canned food.

I never saw the correlation until it happened to my dog. Symptoms start as head shaking, then tiny bumps in the ear, then redness, inflammation, then pus. The symptoms started on the day after eating the food. Canned food was fed every day. The fifth day was the redness, inflammation, and pus. It was unbelievable.

My neighbor's dog and my dog are officially off canned dog food and both dogs recovered.

There is something in canned dog food that is causing ear infections. It may not happen with every dog, but if your dog is sensitive you need to avoid canned dog food. It doesn't matter what brand, whether premium or low grade canned dog food. I saw it first hand using a premium L.I.D. food. That's limited ingredient diet.

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Simple, apple cider vinegar with plain yogurt mixed with raw turkey and brown rice diet. Make sure it is all organic. It works, my dog is doing great and I saved so much money on dog food and vet bills, no more!

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My dog is 2 1/2 yrs old and bites her paws so badly there is no hair there anymore. We brought her to a dermatologist and she has about 30 different allergens. We started allergy shots, after about a year we stopped because it wasn't working, we tried special diets, allergy pills, shampoos and conditioners. Nothing really helps. We even got her Benadryl spray, which works for about 10 minutes. Any other suggestions?


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I have never tried this product but you are probably desperate to give your baby relief. The web site is then go to skin-eze. If the pictures are as true as the product then this is a wonderful product. Again, I have not tried this product. Hope this helps you and your baby.

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1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, low fat is fine. The best brand is Stoneyfields or Stoneyfarms (has no additives) cannot recall the name of it. I make my own now.

Also get some local raw honey, put 1/2 tsp in with the yogurt. Once a day on the honey 2x daily on the yogurt.

This has helped my bully dog find great relief. It cannot hurt the dog and it may work for your baby too. The idea on the honey is that local bees are collecting the pollen and this little bit each day will help her to develop a resistance.

As for the yogurt it helps balance the gut flora and keeps the body balanced at the same time. Also is beneficial to the skin and coat.

Also is a lovely treat for them. LOL..

Does she scratch at her ears? She may have inner ear mites and the meds they give you for this really don't work. In England they have been using this on there pets there for over 100 years and it works to clear up ear mites. It is called Thornit.

The earmites can get onto the paws from scratching and then the chew the heck out of their paws. You fix the ears and rub a bit on the paws and it kills them. Safe for the dog too.

Good Luck!

Laura in SW Florida

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Listerine. Amber colored only. No pink blue green or whatever. Dip and do not rinse. Spray till wet, cotton wads, whatever but all spots affected, making sure feet are dipped. Often as it is not harmful. We use it on many skin problems of livestock and pets of all kinds. For feet sometimes used athlete's foot spray, any brand is safe. google and contact them about skin help. We have used their products for years on our disabled and abused pets we take in. It is everything their site says. Diet change please. No corn wheat or soy. Nothing from China. Give at least some raw foods. Can't live without it. Keep me posted please.

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I had a cairn terrier who was allergic to many things, especially his food. I tried making his food for him, but after about 6 months he would be back to biting and chewing himself. He had no hair if he could reach the spot with his teeth. He was miserable. I couldn't give up on him (he was the kids dog) so I kept trying different foods. (broccoli was the worst!)

I was about to head out to the exotic meats shop for some tiger meat or whatever (imagine what that would cost) when I tried canned salmon. I would cook six cups (6 cups cooked, not dry rice) or so of brown rice and stir in a large (15 oz I think) can of salmon (bones skin and all). In about a week he stopped chewing. His hair grew back and he never had another problem.

He was nearly 18 years old when he died. Dont give up, and remember that even when the allergen is removed the dog may have skin conditions that need treatment (bacteria and fungus). Also if he has airborne allergies an air cleaner can really help. Good luck to you.

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One thing you might want to consider is that the constant paw licking and biting can be a symptom of an emotional problem in dogs. I would guess it may be genetic. It would be worth googling it to learn more.

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I have a 2 year old Maltese/Bishon who weighs 8lbs. She's been on Natural Balance since she was a puppy. She's had skin problems with allergies, but last weekend she started scratching and biting her hips and paws so bad they bled. She's pulled a large area of hair out on her hip area.

I've taken her to the vet before, but they just want me to give her benadryl. This is the worst she has ever been. I don't know how to find a holistic vet in my area or how to get her tested for food allergies.

I had her tested this summer for grasses, wool, etc. and she was allergic to all grasses, but now something else is happening. Can anyone help me?

By Joyce from Cape Coral, FL


Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Hi. You could try this remedy for a few days and if the dog responds to it, then continue it until it is all clear, and then reduce it to once a week:

Warm a cup of milk, mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder in it, and feed the milk to the dog once a day. Tumeric has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, and will help to remove the internal infection from the dog's body. (12/17/2009)

By roopasekhar

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

My dog had severe allergies, too. I switched him to a dry food that didn't contain any corn. Corn is used in most dry foods. It did help. (12/20/2009)

By mulberry204

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Most dogs who have this problem are purebreds. They need cortisone shots to take care of the problem. I wouldn't treat the symptom. I'd try to treat what is causing the problem instead. (12/20/2009)

By Carol in PA

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Probably stems from vaccine. Get her to a homeopath and rid the vaccine poison and strengthen the immune system. No corn, wheat, or soy. Dog favorite--half cook KALE in a little coconut oil. Never had a dog that didn't devour it like ice cream. (12/20/2009)

By muttmom

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

It sounds like your dog is suffering with hypothyroidism and hypoadrenia. You can get thyroid from the net without a Rx and hydrocortisone, too, I think. When the adrenals and thyroid are under-active, it causes all kinds of physical issues, and if your dog has these conditions, there are things going on inside, things that can cause some really horrible things.

There are some articles out there about some vets testing for these things and treating dogs with what I mentioned. They are few and far between, but at least you have a place to start. If you get these hormones yourself, start out with about maybe 5mg or less of thyroid and maybe 1mg or less of hydro cortisone, or something. I just thought about, licorice root DGL is a natural cortisone and you could try some of that in her food. Open a capsule and mix it in her food. It tastes like licorice, she may even eat it off your hand. (12/20/2009)

By c t

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I have a boxer dog who has severe skin allergies. Can anyone please tell me a remedy to get rid of it? He scratches and scratches until he is scratching all the hair off and makes himself bleed.

Tina from Georgia


Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

I know that a cod liver oil supplement works wonders for skin. Probably one or two a day in his food. Try it, it can only do good. I had a long haired cat that took a pill everyday and she lived to be 19 years old. Good luck. (07/24/2006)

By Sharon L Martin

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

I also have a boxer with allergies and it can be horrible! My advice is to have your vet allergy test him, then you know exactly what the problem is and can eliminate it and the scratching will stop. My boxer was so uncomfortable when her allergies were out of control. (07/24/2006)

By Echo`

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Take the dog to the vet to check for allergies. Our dog had similar problems when she was younger, and we had to change the dog food we gave her. (07/25/2006)

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Find a homeopathic veterinarian. Homeopathy cures allergies and works well on animals! Also the book, "Impossible Cure", by Amy L. Lansky, PhD. (07/25/2006)

By Nicole

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Our dog also had this problem, and our vet put her on TEMARIL P. She has shown a lot of improvement. Sure hope this helps your little one as it has helped ours. A big hug to your little one from our Mishka II (07/25/2006)


Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

I think the best treatment for allergies is to remove the offending allergen. Our dog was allergic to fleas or flea bites. The vet put him on cortisone pills. (07/26/2006)

By Carol in PA

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

I know that vets can give you something, but if they can't, get some tea tree oil and rub it on him. Also, you can go to a pet store and they have products for it. I give my dog with allergies a tablet with a vitamin B complex, also known as brewers yeast. I add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to their food. (07/26/2006)

By tlcdsfit

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

I think the diet change and the cod liver oil will likely do the job. A food brand change, too, may help. I have used successfully (as a help while trying other things), Hydrocortisone 1 percent strength ointment, and also Benadryl itch stopping gel. You can get these from your local drug store over the counter. I also suggest that you talk with your pharmacist about itch relieving, over the counter medications for people such as those mentioned? I would be very interested as to how you come out with the problem. (07/26/2006)

By jerryno1

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Hi. My dog, a Jack Russel Terrier, has severe skin allergies, too. It's almost a full-time job keeping up with her. I use several approaches. Last summer I gave her half a tablet of Benadryl. It worked. Now I use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide/water and wash the areas clean. This seems to be the best remedy. I do this almost daily, and especially when she starts scratching terribly. Hope it works for you. (07/26/2006)

By SATellite88

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Our dog did that too, and we had to switch her food to only lamb and rice formula. She never had problems after that. (07/26/2006)

By wera

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

Have your vet do a blood test checking for thyroid problems. This was overlooked for years, and my poor pooch suffered. I went to many vets and was told many things: told that she had hot spots and to live with it, was told she was probably allergic to grass (no allergy tests done for this assertion), and was even told she was allergic to her own dander! It literally took years before one doc decided to test for thyroid problems.

It turned out that she had a thyroid problem, and her skin cleared once she was properly diagnosed and given necessary medication. After ruling out hot spots, parasites and allergies, a simple blood test can tell you about thyroid troubles one way or another. I sure wish I would have known about the relationship between skin/coat and thyroid much sooner. Hope this info helps someone. (07/27/2006)

By Peg

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

My dog had the same problem when she was younger. The vet gave her "anti-allergy" pills for a week, and we changed her food and also stopped giving her maize products. (She used to get a bowl of maize porridge additional every day, as she loves it.) Although now she is back on regular dog food without problems. (Porridge only once in a while, she still loves it.) (08/11/2006)

By Rottweiler

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

My Boston has terrible allergies also. This is Texas though, almost everyone has allergies! He takes a steroid less powerful and harmful than prednisone called Triamcinolone every other day, 1/2 Benadryl on alternating days, and uses prescribed shampoo twice a week. All of this seems to keep it under control. He was so itchy and miserable before. Good luck! (09/04/2006)

By suzi_homemaker01

Dog With Severe Skin Allergies

I have had this problem, too. But I went with organic food and all allergy symptoms went away. Also, antibiotics in their food and ours causes thyroid problems and allergies. (04/02/2007)

By Lisa

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