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Easy Clean Up of Dropped Egg


As everyone well knows, it is almost impossible to clean up an egg that has dropped to the floor and broken. I heard this tip on TV once and then next time I dropped an egg I tried it and it actually worked. The tip: When you drop an egg on the floor, first pick up as much of the shell as you can, then sprinkle a generous amount of salt over the egg, totally covering it and let it set for a bit, usually ten minutes or so and then go back and wipe up with paper towel. Be sure that the egg is totally covered so as to help congeal it, otherwise you will still be left with some of the egg on the floor.

By Melody from White City, Oregon



By (Guest Post) 02/07/2007 Flag

Rather than trying to pick up the egg mess, use a whisk broom to brush it into a dust pan. Rinse both after use and let them air dry.

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By Leann (Guest Post) 02/14/2007 Flag

The salt really does work, I have used it many times. Of course it really only works well if it is a material like a kitchen floor. It might help on the carpet, but it will not come up as neat as the kitchen floor. The real clue, is to salt it really heavy and let it sit for a few minutes.

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