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Carpet Stains Keep Coming Back


What can you use on carpet to keep stains from coming back?

By beaver from Seminole, FL


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By katrina 5 232 10/05/2010 Flag has cleaning solutions and I have seen and used some of Professor Amos's products and have been happy with them. You can sign up to get an email as to when he is on; and WATCH him; his cleaning products are REALLY good. And he has several designed that will indeed work on carpets. Check him out! I have watched as he has used a cleaner on a carpet that was so filthy it was incredible to see how easy it cleaned up with the product. His motto is: work smarter, not harder!

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 459 2,117 10/05/2010 Flag

I had the same problem, and it was a stain in the padding and the floor. Most stains are organic and if not "killed" outright, they will keep coming back. Remember heat rises, and some of these are probably coming up with or are attracted to the heat in the room. Is the spot near a place where the sun hits at the same time during the day and the same place?

Good things to keep in mind. I hope this helps.

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By Patty 5 10/07/2010 Flag

Did you get scotch guard put back on your carpets after you cleaned them?
I clean houses and so many people ask me the same question and it usually is because the scotch guard was not put back on.
Hope this helps

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Archive: Carpet Stains Keep Coming Back

I have been trying to clean stains that my 1 yr old yorkie has left on my carpets. The stains seemed to be gone but within a few days they slowly started to come back. So I bought a large carpet cleaner. I thought if it was bigger it would work better. Yet the stains still come back. I thought my dog was just going in the same spot but it's the same stain! It's so frustrating! Can anyone please help?

By brod8479 from OH


RE: Carpet Stains Keep Coming Back

It's more likely than not that the stain keeps seeping up from the padding or jute backing. If you are able, and have it in you to do it, you might want to pull the carpet up and back, steam clean the padding and the jute side of the carpet, let the padding and jute dry really well and then tack the carpet back down. Sorry it's not an easier solution than you were probably hoping for. :-( (06/18/2009)

By Deeli

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