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Cleaning Black Spots in Toilet (Mold)

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I seem to be asking questions that I have no idea of how to fix. My toilet seems to be getting tiny black spots inside. It has been in the last few days. I have scrubbed it, even with cleaning products. The only thing that works is bleach.

Is there any good product for this problem out there? And what is causing this? The bowl gets brush scrubbed daily, this stuff comes back overnight. Thanks again.

By Joan from Girard, PA


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By michele10/18/2010

I have the same problem, but I have lived in my house for 17 years and this is the first time this is happening, and they appear so quickly. they are definitely not anything that is falling from under the rim. Bleach and scrubbing is what I seem to do every second day. Wonder why after all these years its happening now?

By Anonymous [848]09/29/2009

Unless it's non-chlorine bleach please do not use it because the chemical and fumes are so bad for lungs and bad for the environment including the water system it's going to be flushed in to :-( Vinegar is definitly a good and safe disinfectant/cleaner.

It might be that the little spots are dropping from up under the toilet rim that we don't think about because we can't see up under there. I have a toilet brush that has an added set of straight, stiff bristles that point upward. Those extra bristles make it easy to get all that creepy mold that builds up under the rim. I don't remember where I purchased it but they're definitely on the market.

By Janus [8]09/28/2009

Just before going to bed at night or right before you leave for work in the morning, pour 2 cups of white vinegar in the toilet bowl and let it sit until you need to flush it again. The vinegar will not only clean the mold but will inhibit it from growing back.

By Lilli09/28/2009

Buy a pumice stone at a hardware or discount dept store. Follow directions after cleaning toilet. Works every time.

By Jan09/28/2009

I would just be sure and buy a toilet bowl cleaner that contains bleach.

By Dorin [4]09/27/2009

I've heard that filling the bowl with coke will clean it. If you get a generic brand 3 liter and let it sit over night it should eat it away. Maybe the bleach is just bleaching out the color and not the problem.

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