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Embroidery Stitch Doesn't Work on Singer Model #6268


I have a Singer Sewing #6268 that sews beautiful until I put the embroidery attachment on it, then it won't pick up the top stitches to do the embroidery pattern. Can anybody help me with this problem?

By Barbara from Atlantic, VA


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By Mary LaCaze 28 79 02/26/2010

Are you remembering to lower the presser bar lever? (That's the lever you lower to set a presser foot down onto the material.) My embroidery attachment sits so close to the fabric even without the lever down, that at first it just didn't occur to me that it wasn't down. Finally, I read someplace that the threads won't catch unless the lever is in the 'down' position, just like when you do regular sewing, because that is what activates the upper thread tension. (This is true even if one is doing 'free motion' style embroidery without a presser foot on the machine...the lever still must be in the down position. My sewing machines aren't the same as yours, but I often STILL forget, and thought perhaps you may be leaving the lever up, too. :^)

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By Barbara 5 29 02/27/2010

Yes I do have my pressure foot down because if I didn't it gives me a signal & won't start back up until I do. I make sure I follow the directions exactly as the book says. I know there is nothing wrong with the attachment as it worked wonderful on my old one I had. I would like to thank you very much for the quick response. I will keep working on this problem until I do get it to work. It is driving me crazy!

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