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Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances


I need to paint the kitchen walls. My countertop is the dated orange laminate. I have black appliances with darker wood cabinets and brushed silver/contemporary hardware. What color should I paint? Pale yellow? Or perhaps a muted green? Or a mocha/cappuccino/tan color? Please help. There isn't a lot of wall space to paint; but it needs a facelift.

By Marilyn from Sarasota, FL


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By dede smith 19 222 01/25/2011 Flag

Something complimentary to the orange and dark wood would be a "mustard like" yellow. Think chic retro Harvest type colors. Some paint stores will give you samples to take home and try out. Either way, take a good picture of the setting and hit all the stores. A great paint color will cost a bit but the effect it will have on the over all transformation will be worth the piece of mind.

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By Pat Phillips 3 72 01/25/2011 Flag

I would suggest a sage green or light olive. This will cut the orange/black "Halloween" feel. I am afraid any gold or tan , I am afraid, will only accentuate that color scheme. Orange and black can be limiting,but since green is a neutral color that should help cit the orange down to size.

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By Mary 1 7 01/25/2011 Flag

It sounds like you have a dark kitchen and don't need it to be darker.Take a board with ice blue on it and put up in the kitchen and see how it looks after a couple of days walking around it. I do this with quilts, and paint. ice blue is white with just a touch of blue. It goes with black, brown and green also orange. try the paint on a board and see. do this with several colors could try a paint with just a touch of yellow, what ever you use needs to be a light. Make your kitchen homey and inviting, dark kitchens are glumy, have fun.

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01/25/2011 Flag

Take advantage of those orange countertops and go monochromatic! It would look really nice with the black appliances and dark cabinets and would give a nice balance so I am thinking the peach color of an actual peach and it would be a light enough color to keep the room looking bright.

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Archive: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

What should I do with my kitchen? We are getting all black appliances and I want to paint the cabinets white. Is that a good idea? What about the walls? The floor is white tile. And we are getting black countertops. Please help.

By Casey4910 from Knoxville, TN


RE: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

What about the color terracotta?

I have white cabinets, white walls, gray tile with terracotta lines through it and granite on my countertops is black with flecks of black, silver, terracotta, and white.

I don't have a lot of wall space because our house is so old, but I decorated using my accent color of terracotta. My kitchen also attached to my den and I did the same thing there. I just think it's a warm color. I have white appliances and I think gray and white are depressing. That's why I chose a color out of my granite to warm it up a bit.

Are your countertops completely solid black? Or do they have flecks of other colors in them? You could pick out one of those flecks as a color and build your color scheme from there.

You could paint your cabinets a warm terracotta (like the pot of a potted plant) and maybe make your walls a warm, deep yellow. Like Italian countryside colors. You could accent with burgundy.

Are you planning on keeping one color as a constant throughout your home? I'm doing the terracotta through my whole home as an accent color because I read that it makes a home look larger and our house is pretty small.

You might take your dominant color and use it in your kitchen as well as through your home. My main bathroom is in slate, with many colors running through it, but mostly in the terracotta and gold family. I'm choosing "paprika" colored towels and rugs, plants with leaves the colors of fall and some gold accents like picture frames. I'm also picking up the black, which I think is a neutral, and putting up decorative shelves.

I'd bring in some green too like in the form of plants. My mother says green goes with any color because flowers come in every color. I also think plants warm a room up. I don't use real plants because I just have a black thumb, but silk is great.

Hope this helps and best of luck. Your kitchen sounds beautiful and you really have a blank slate working with black and white, you know.


By metroplex

Archive: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

I have a very old off-yellow counter top, black appliances, and white cabinets. I'm painting my kitchen which is the same yellow that it was 7 years ago when I moved into our home. I can't stand the colors, looks like a bumble bee. I am looking to repaint the kitchen and need to know what color and what color cabinets.

By Michele from Warner Robins, GA


RE: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

Can you switch out the countertop? Otherwise, perhaps a burgundy or cranberry, but it would have to be the right tone and then you'll have lots of colors going on in one room. (03/04/2010)

By Allison5

RE: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

I would go with an apple green on the walls. It complements the black and the off yellow and looks fresh and not bumble bee like. There is a great, I think Waverly, print that has a black background with green leaves and yellow flowers (with other colored flowers) that I have always loved, and I thought of that immediately when I saw your post. Happy painting! (03/05/2010)

By Ginnywest

RE: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

A sage green would be more in balance with the "old yellow" counter top if I have the counters pictured correctly. I wouldn't want to use a bright green only to find out it brings them out even more. Some burgundy touches would bring the black appliances in with rest of your kitchen. You might consider two layer ragging or another treatment like that on the walls above the "old yellow" counter top with a gold and second color (such as burgundy) to make them blend in instead of standing alone.
You could always go with the old standby of woodtones, browns, beiges, etc. (03/07/2010)

By latrtatr

RE: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

I would either paint the cabinets a soft cream with a hint of yellow. That way they blend with the counter top, but are still fairly neutral. Or you could do them in a warm wood tone. (I wouldn't recommend a red toned wood color.) I took my cabinets from white to a medium wood tone with a chocolate glaze over them and everyone loves them. The sage green mentioned above would go with either look. Then you could choose some accents in black, your counter top color, burgundy, etc. (03/08/2010)


Archive: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

What color do I paint my kitchen walls? My counter top is black/gray/beige, I have black appliances and the cabinets are a light oak.

By Tanya


RE: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

Slate blue or sage green would look good, my favorite is a blue toned red, this would make the cabinets pop! Good luck:) (05/24/2010)

By yoder178

Archive: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

I have all black appliances, oak cabinets, hunter green tiled floors with white and black in it and black counter tops with some speckles of green.

Archive: Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

We just bought a new house and we are having trouble deciding what color to paint our kitchen.

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