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Sports Themed Table Decorations

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Our church is having a fall festival and we would like to use a sports theme. We make table decorations that can be auctioned at the end of the night. I need ideas for these decorations. Something that someone would want to purchase and use in there home, etc.

Allen from TX


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By (Guest Post)01/11/2006

Here's the link for the Jimmy Buffet party:

By Leslee (Guest Post)10/12/2005

I need table decorations for a cross country banquet

By deana (Guest Post)04/26/2005

A very inexpensive centerpiece is to get a med. size tin, like drinks are served in sometimes, and stuff with newspaper, top with colored tissue paper and then start with the fun stuff... bubble pop bubble gum, bags of popcorn, peanuts still in the shell, cracker jacks boxes.., etc. for color buy some bandanas and tie with raffia, and set at all the place settings. OR collect large veggie cans etc. from your local school cafeterias and paint them school or team colors, download pics from internet of school mascot or team mascot, make stencil from pics and spray paint on can. Ask local nurseries to let you borrow plants or flowers along with the plastic sticks that come in plants. Place the sticks in can with plant or flower, and then (after gathering pics of team players young or current) put pics on the sticks. Parents will love this and the team will love seeing themselves on a centerpiece. You can back the pics with thick paper cut into starsc footballs, baseballs etc.

By Tawnda (Guest Post)07/23/2004

Also check on this site under "party" and there is a request for "Decorating Ideas for a High School "Spring Sports" Banquet". There are ideas there as well.

By Tawnda (Guest Post)07/23/2004

Get Mason jars and fill with M&M's or peanuts or snack mix and use sport themed material cut into about a 6"x6" square and screwed under the rim lid. Add a balloon or two to each one.

Maybe do one filled with unpopped popcorn and then add video rental store gift certificates hanging from rafia ribbon or curling ribbon, or donated movie tickets, sport event tickets, etc.

Maybe have people in the church volunteer something they are good at and raffle off their "deed". Someone can volunteer to take someone elses kids to baseball practice or a game, someone can volunteer to clean someone's house, or wash their car, etc.

Another thing you can do is go to local businesses asking for a donation. I know around here Midas will donate free oil changes, Walmart if you give enough notice donates gift certificates to use in the store, etc. These are items you could add to your centerpieces.

By Lee-Ann (Guest Post)07/22/2004

What about dressing teddy bears in sports outfits (you can buy baby clothes on sale or at a thrift shop, or parish members can donate) you could tie a helium balloon in their hands.

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