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Craft Ideas for Plastic Powdered Drink Mix Containers

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I use a lot of powdered drink mixes and I hate to throw away those tall plastic containers. Any suggestions what I can do with them?

By Marie from Waco, TX


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By Cathy Clark A.04/07/2013

I have made piggy banks by gluing 4 pompoms on one side for feet and then laying the container on its side cut a slot in the side opposite the feet and poke a hole at the "corner" of the bottom and side in line with the slot. Curl a pipe cleaner for a tail and stick it in the hole. On the lid I glue a circle of pink felt the size of the inner circle of the lid, add jiggle eyes and two black dots for the nostrils and then add ears to the side of the lid. I've done these with 3-4 year olds. They love them.

By Linda11/22/2010

I have used them for freezing broth or soup leftovers. Not really a craft idea.

By Lee [6]11/13/2010

I've seen pvc pipe glued together on a yard show they filled them with dirt and put flowers in them. they stood it up right like a wall. it looked pretty cool. (plastic containers instead of pvc) I never thought of that I might have to try this my self.

By Rose [1]11/10/2010

I have considered gluing them together as a group, maybe decorating them first and use them to put pens, pencils, etc. in. They could be used to separate utensils in the kitchen. I think about what use they could have every time I open one up. You could use the lids as a tree ornament by decoupaging a photo, or something pretty and hang them with a ribbon.

By diane0514 [6]11/10/2010

You can paint them with acrylic paint and use them to store loose change, buttons, pens etc. Or you can decoupage them and use them for the same reasons.

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