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12th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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13 year old gift ideas

Planning a successful birthday party for your young teen can be a challenge. This is a guide about 12th birthday party ideas for girls.


Solutions: 12th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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Tip: Where to Buy a Multicolor LED Party Light

This spinning multicolor LED party light is perfect for birthday parties. They are inexpensive enough that you could easily add a couple to liven up your party room.

Crystal Ball Effect LED Rotating Light For Disco DJ Party

Tip: Go Kart Racing For Girl's Birthday

My 12th birthday party is this Saturday. I choose to do real go kart racing with helmets and suits, as I am not really a girly girl. My friends got really excited when I said that we were doing real go kart racing.

If you are not having more of a tomboy party, you could go get French manicures. You could go back to the house and have a pizza and watch a movie before the other girls all go home. Then you're having more of get together than a party because, at 12 years of age, you won't have a party Think of it more as a get together.

    By mobrien603 [1]

    Tip: Mall Madness Birthday Party for Preteens

    A great birthday party idea for preteen girls is a Mall Madness birthday party. A Mall Madness birthday party is basically a scavenger hunt in the mall. For example, you could all meet at your house. Once everyone arrives, you could head to the mall. At the mall, everyone would split into groups and get things (a picture with the cashier or ask the cashier for a rubber band, etc.) Once a group gets everything on the list, they get a prize (gift card, toys, cash, beauty products, etc.) After that, pizza is a great way to end the day before everyone either goes home or spends the night! Hope this helps. :)

      By carli [1]

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      Here are questions related to 12th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls.

      Question: 12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

      I have a sister who is 12 years old and she can't decide what to do for her party. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of where to go?

      By M-J from WA


      Best Answers

      By Queenofthemes06/30/2011

      Ever since my daughter was little, we have done themed parties. They honestly are not as hard as one might think, and you can tie all your food and games into the theme as well. Some of the themes we used were a luau, 70's party, beach party, camping party, and this year for my daughter's 12th birthday we are having a fiesta themed party. For the camping theme we set up tents in the back yard, had a fire pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, had a scavenger hunt, potato sack races, egg on a spoon relay race, and flash light tag when it got dark. Just an example of what we did, but there are definitely more things you could do with this theme. Also we listen to scary camp stories around the campfire. We found recorded stories online, and the girls loved it. Hope this gives you some ideas.

      Best Answers

      By MJack11805/20/2011

      We held a water balloon party for my 12 year old Granddaughter. It was a huge hit with girls and boys alike. She invited her entire class and all but one came (just mention water balloons a kid will be there ;-)). You can buy water balloons cheaply at Walmart or purchase them online. We spread a giant superslide across the lawn to place all the water balloons on, we also purchased two small blow-up kid pools to store the balloons in (tip: don't stack them more than three balloons high or they will burst by themselves from the pressure). We attempted to play organized games with the balloons, but since these kids were middle school age, they had much more fun left on their own to have a huge water balloon fight (the only rule we had was no hitting in the face). The only thing I had to purchase was the water balloons, cake, ice cream, and streamers (I already had the blowup pools and superslide; if you don't have those call around and borrow them from friends/family). The cost of this type party is very inexpensive BUT there is a lot of planning and work involved. It is better to have all the water balloon filled before the party begins. My boyfriend and I started filling the water balloons two days before the party. Once you have filled the first hundred balloons you start to get faster at filling them, we ended up with 2300 water balloons for the party and 15 kids popped every one of them within an hour.

      One last thing, I recommend having a little game in the end. Whichever kid picks up the most popped balloons from the grass gets $10 (otherwise your yard will be filled with little balloon pieces and it's not good for the birds to eat).

      Best Answers

      By Julie05/24/2010

      I love the idea about the $5 at the dollar store and then having a fashion show. We are going to use that with our daughter and her friends. Another idea - Our daughter loves halloween but was a summer baby. Her friends love the scavenger hunts my husband and myself come up with each year so this year we are replacing the lightbulbs with blacklights and having the scavinger hunt in the "glow in the dark." Then we take them roller skating from 7:30pm to 11:00pm to wear them down a bit before the slumber party. Last year was a late swimming session and everyone was asleep by 10 pm.

      Question: Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is having a birthday party, but she doesn't want the girly-girl type because her friends that are boys are going to be there. And we need an inexpensive party place.

      By Anonymous Queen


      Best Answers

      By Reann04/28/2013

      I suggest a dance party. You could rent a local hall for 4 hours. You can bring a radio or an ipod with a dock. At party city they sell a bubble machine for about $35 and strobe lights for $20! Also you can get props at the dollar store or party city! good luck and I hope my ideas helped-

      Best Answers

      By Lee Anne Guryn [2]01/27/2013

      We did an Indiana Jones theme party one year. My husband made up clues to find a "treasure" which he made by spraying some rocks with gold paint.
      The clues were written in code (you could get ideas from Tolkien books or hieroglyphs online) He had the codes with English letters on a sheet so they could decode each clue. It cost really nothing other than food and paper and a can of paint. The kids LOVED it.

      Another year we did a Chinese new year theme (my daughter's birthday is in January and we delayed the party a couple of weeks) They made paper lanterns, wrote some Chinese characters and food included Chinese eggrolls and fortune cookies.

      Check out the book The Pennywhistle Party Book, its full of fun cheap party ideas.

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is having her 12th birthday party and she's having about 25 girls over, but she doesn't know what to do. She wants to go somewhere fun and cheap. I would love if you could give some ideas. We live in Portland, examples: JJ Jump Oaks park sky high.

      By Madison

      Best Answers

      By Elgie [4]05/19/2013

      I grew up going to Oaks Park and have wonderful memories from there. (I live in So.Cal. now)
      With 25 girls this is probably not the answer but years ago, with my daughter, I took them to a beauty school (pre-arranged) for a beauty treatments. It seems now a days that is not a treat for a lot of girls, but it could be an idea for another time or a smaller group....they could all get manicures,or something like that. More recently my daughter-in-law had a "spa" party in her home with different "beauty stations", mani's, pedi's, hairdo's, facials, makeup. She just got some high school girls who acted as beauticians. They took pictures later and put them in frames they had decorated while waiting for some of the "services". All felt very glamorous after it was all done, and oh yes they all brought special outfits to pose in. Your biggest problem is the number of girls involved. Good luck!

      Best Answers

      By LaurieS [10]05/19/2013

      I live in Portland too and Oaks Park is always a favorite. But with 25 girls that can also be very expensive. But there are the rides and roller skating maybe you could get a group rate on tickets or something.

      If the weather is good you could go to a park and do outdoor activities.
      I don't know what your budget is.
      Sorry I can't come up with anymore suggestions

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      We are having a 12 year old girl's bday party in April and we are trying to come up with something cheap but really creative and where lots of people can come. Any suggestions?

      By Maggie

      Best Answer

      By Linda.G [2]01/26/2014

      Here Are 5 ideas For Your Party:

      1. Have a Hollywood themed party with walkways, and put on a fashion show. Let the girls dress up as their fave pop stars.

      2. Have a beauty party. Get the girls to do makeovers, and dress them up. Take pictures of every girl, then let them be on the front cover of a magazine.

      3. Have a slumber party. Let the girls watch a movie, tell secrets, play games, and other stuff to make it a party they will never forget

      4. Go to a fun place (For ex. go ice skating/ roller blading or to the arcade or to a spa) After that get the girls to come home and hang out.

      5. Have a DIY (Do It Yourself) party. The girls can make headbands, shirts, anything and can still have fun. You can also play games.

      When my daughter was 11 (I know a year younger. She's almost 12 though) we went mini-golfing, go carting, arcade, and laser tag. She loved it, and so did all of her friends. Good luck. Hope these 5 ideas helped!

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      My younger sister is having her 12th birthday party. She wants something not too babyish and she only wants a few friends over. She wants a really fun theme. Please help I want this to be a birthday she will never forget.

      By Caitlin B.

      Best Answer

      By torigrace.estes10/26/2013

      I was on a website and saw this idea: Black light Highlighter Party. Ask your party guests to bring an old white T-shirt. When they get there pass out different colored highlighters. Replace the lights in the rooms with Black light bulbs. Have them decorate there shirts with the highlighters to make a glow in the dark wardrobe!

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter it having her 12th brithday party on the 20th-21st of September. She doesn't want a girly party as she is inviting boys. She wants a wet theme, but our pool will be too cold at the time of the party. Could I please have some ideas. There are approximitly 14 people coming.

      By Jessica

      Best Answer

      By Stephanie [147]09/03/2014

      Hawaiian Luau or tropical themes are easy and Oriental Trading Company has a lot of inexpensive decorations and such for that theme. I went to a luau party once where everyone got leis, they had tropical themed food, we had skewers (kids love making their own), and they had this silly vinyl plastic deal that you hang in a doorway where they have the hole for you to put your face in for pictures. I bet the kids would love that. Or another idea, for my 12th birthday we wrote a script and created our own movies with mock commercials- my mom filmed. It was extremely silly and we had a lot of fun (of course at the time camcorders were brand new, so it was a novelty). You could also see if you city has an indoor pool you could take them too. It's a pretty popular party option here.

      Question: 12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is turning 12 in May and her birthday is the last day of school. Most of all of her friends are boys and she's not a girly girl. Any ideas?

      By Alicia from Clarksville, TN

      Best Answer

      By borrowedmagic04/03/2014

      May is often a nice time of year to get outdoors so maybe you could stage the party at a public park or indeed any public space. A treasure hunt can be a huge hit with kids this age. It's a bit more grown up than a scavenger hunt - you'll need to give them clues to solve and follow. Depending on the numbers you could split them into teams, or just focus on getting them to co-operate with each other. It can be good to create a mix of clues that let different people shine - for instance you could have crytic clues, anagrams, directions that involve locating north or using a compass, map reading, memory clues, musical clues etc. Really the only limit is your imagination!
      The hunt can take up a lot of time and running about outdoors will burn off lots of energy which pre-teen boys have in abundance! Follow it with either a picnic lunch or a barbecue if the local by-laws permit, and then some lazing about afterwards!

      If a treasure hunt isn't appealing you could try a few thrift stores for some over-sized garden games. It's not hard to make some of your own: an old sheet could be painted to make a giant x-o's game, or a twister game. You could make a hoop toss out of cardboard hoops and sticks hammered into the ground.

      Water fights are fun at any age, and a cheap alternative to paint ball and quasar type outings. You could hide stashes of water balloons in the back yard and round up any variety of water pistols from friends and family (everyone has at least one of these!) or as a "craft" the kids could make their own water pistols from plastic water bottles. Just be sure to let everyone know they will need a change of clothes!

      If you prefer to plan an indoors party, center it around a quiet activity (I must sound paranoid about the energy levels of boys!). I'm imagining an indoor cinema - if you could beg or borrow or rent a projector. Could you clear the furniture out of a room, lay cushions and bean bags for the kids to lounge on, and hang a white sheet on the wall to create a movie screen (command hooks are the business for hanging anything and everything). Pick a movie with a sports or action theme. If you fill up the kids on home made popcorn while they watch the movie you can save a bundle on party food because they just won't be able to eat as much as normal!

      Question: Games for a BBQ Birthday Party

      My daughter turning 12 in March. She want a BBQ party. What sort of thing, in the way of party games, can I plan? I need help. Please.

      By Stephen

      Best Answer

      By Louise B. [5]01/13/2014

      A scavenger hunt around a neighbouring park or your neighbourhood or yard might be fun. A treasure hunt is good. You divide the guests into two or more teams, and they follow clues to more clues (about 4 is good), and then to the final treasure. I usually have a treasure (small treats or little games) for each team, and the first team to find their treasure gets the glory of winning!

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is having her 12th birthday in a couple of weeks. We're struggling for party ideas with a cheap, but cheerful price. Any suggestions?

      By coolbeanwalker from west Sussex, north Yorkshire

      Most Recent Answer

      By missbeccaoneill02/16/2014

      It depends on the type of girl she is! If she's a girly-girl then maybe a pamper party by inviting friends round and playing Just Dance on the wii and having manicures and makeovers with cosmetics you have in your house! But if she is a tomboy maybe a laser/quasar party or go karting or even paintballing if she's tough enough! Hope this helps!

      Question: Ideas for 12th Birthday

      My daughter is going to be 12 soon and she wants to have some sort if party with a few friends. I don't have no clue at all. She said she doesn't want anything like bowling and she doesn't want anything too babyish. Can you please, please give me some ideas? Thank you.

      By Chloe

      Most Recent Answer

      By Jan [14]01/23/2013

      Have a make up party. Have the guests bring some old dress up clothes, what ever they want, put them in a pile on the bed. Then buy some cheap make up, eye shadow, liner, nail polish, etc. Do their hair. After they are all made up they can pick out some clothes to wear. You could have the girls bring old make up from home to have a larger assortment. I saw this some where. It sounds like something a 12 year old would like to try. Might be messy, but fun. Take a party picture to remember her birthday.

      Question: Ideas for Daughter's 12th Birthday Party

      My daughter's 12th is coming up soon and she has no clue of what she wants to do. She doesn't want to have a sleepover or anything that has to do with being near our house. I was thinking of getting hiring a limo, but there are no limos that pick you up and then drop you off, then pick you up and take you to a new place, and then drop you home. She was thinking of going for a meal and then going to the cinema. Are there any limo companies that pick you up drop you off and pick you up and drop you off to another place?

      By Casey A.

      Question: Ideas Daughter's 12th Birthday

      My daughter is celebrating her 12th birthday in July. We are all not sure what we would want to do. On previous birthdays we had parties. Now we would want to do something different. Please help.

      By Naa B. from Ghana

      Most Recent Answer

      By Elizabeth07/02/2012

      I just heard the other day of a child that wanted no gifts other than have her guests bring something for the homeless shelter or some other organization that is dependent on donations. The local animal shelter always needs things as the shelter for battered women and the food bank. Just an idea. Then just have the cake and ice cream and play some games or go to the pool to cool off.

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      I have an almost 12 year old daughter and she seems to want to do more expensive stuff. What should I do?

      By Jeni

      Most Recent Answer

      By Stephanie [147]03/31/2013

      My kids have a budget for their birthday parties. They purchase the cake, snacks, favors, and pay for the activities. This really helps keep the parties reasonable, especially since they get to keep any money that's left over. I think this teaches an important lesson in budgeting (for example, they've learned that they can choose a more expensive activity if they invite fewer friends and have a homemade cake instead of a store bought one, and if they have the party at 2:00 they can save money by not buying pizzas, etc.).

      When my daughter turned twelve she invited two friends to have manicures and pedicures done at the beauty school in town. This year for her 13th, she decided to skip the party entirely and put the money toward the phone we got her for her birthday.

      Question: Cheap 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      I need a birthday idea asap, but one that is cheap and not in the house because it's not that big. If there are bday ideas for a small house, I really want to know. Thanx.

      By bdi

      Most Recent Answer

      By abcgirl0110/20/2013

      I am having a party in a few months and I thought of a neon party. You can hang out with friends in the dark and use lots of glow sticks. The best thing is, it's cheap and you can do it in a small room

      Question: 12th Birthday Ideas

      What can a 12 year old do for her birthday?

      By B.D

      Most Recent Answer

      By emily_olivia_miles11/26/2013

      You could go ice skating or have a cooking party.

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is having her 12th birthday party! She doesn't know what to do. We want to do something very fun and creative! Any ideas?

      By Katie from LA, CA

      Most Recent Answer

      By sizzle [1]04/05/2015

      For my 10th birthday party we did a juniour master chef party. I invited about 15 girls but could easily be done with more. The girls got to choose what to cook from the ingredients given and time limit one team did an entree and another main and dessert. We also did party games while one team used the kitchen. Hope this helps

      Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

      My daughter is turning 12 in September and we need cheap birthday ideas. She is having 4 friends over for a pamper/sleepover, but I would like to do an activity with them outside the house. Any suggestions? We have a bugdet of maybe $30-40, but I think she would also like to invite more friends to the out of house activity!

        By katie6489 [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Myrna [15]07/31/2015

        Birthday cookout, picnic and/or campfire sounds like a fun idea and maybe have a large tent for sleepover if you want to stretch the time. Outdoor games and if no pool, then a water hose will do or water slide and water balloons sounds cool and refreshing on a hot day. Also, a cooler of ice for lots of cold drinks and ice cream cones or watermelon and sitting in the shade enjoying fun with friends and party foods.

        Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

        My daughter is having her 12th birthday party and inviting some boys. She don't know what to do and doesn't want it to be expensive, can you help me please?

        By Stefanie. L

        Most Recent Answer

        By Carissa B.07/30/2015

        Well I suggest buying shaving cream and giving two bottle of it to ever kid(you should have a hose and towles ready) park cars away from the place the kids will play and they can have a shaving cream fight. Its way more fun then It sounds. The only rules are no by the car because it can ruin the paint and no face and if someone accidently gets it in the face just take water with one of the towles. Oh and make them stand under the hose before they go in the house because you don't want shaving cream all over.

        Question: 12 Birthday Party Ideas

        My 11 year old girl will turn 12 in January on a Friday. So I need some suggestions please.

        By Cianni

        Most Recent Answer

        By skye harrison12/29/2014

        I suggest doing an indoor spa and sleepover party. For the spa part, you could purchase a face mask, paint nails, do makeup, braid hair, wash feet in a small basin, and put bubble bath in bowls for a hand wash.

        After, you could watch a movie and order pizza and cake with ice cream. Them they could get into pajamas and put frozen cucumbers on their eyes, watch Tv, and lights out at like 11:30 and in the morning you could make pancakes and detoxyfying smoothies and paint toenails and have a dance party and record karaoke. Then parents would pick them up.

        Hope I helped!

        Question: 12th Birthday Party Activities

        My daughter wants both boys and girls attending her birthday party, but I can't think of any activities for the party.

        By B.D

        Most Recent Answer

        By meggymoo12/08/2013

        This is a simple cheap idea go go karting then to pizza hut then go back to yours for a sleepover, then watch a film.

        Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

        My little sister is turning 12 on September 14th, but can't decide what to do. She doesn't want to throw a big disco, as she had one last year and will be a teen next year and will throw one. So she wants something girlyish for a few friends, but cheap too. She was going to go for just a meal and come back and have a few friends staying, but does not feel as if that's special enough, She doesn't want something to grown up, but not to babyish either. Please help with answers as soon as possible. Thank you.


        By meghan

        Most Recent Answer

        By hannahmrostron09/06/2013

        You should just do something like going out for tea and maybe bowling. You could also organise a sleepover if they're not inviting many. Hope this helps.

        Question: Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas

        My daughter's b-day is in June and she has no ideas for it and needs help! She just said no salon stuff and it has to be cheap. We would like something we could do at home that boys and girls will like.

        By Maddy:)

        Most Recent Answer

        By garnet905/23/2013

        Remember the game show "Minute to Win It"? That would be fun to re-create some of those games for the group to try.

        Question: Ideas for Girl's 12th Birthday Party

        What kind of party would a 12 year old like?

        By Rose

        Most Recent Answer

        By Louise B. [5]01/29/2013

        I think you should ask her.

        Many little gals like a girlfriends sleepover - the more the merrier. They might just watch movies and play board games and eat pizza and cake. Others might like to do each other's hair and have a spa evening - facials &/or do manicures. You need to bounce some ideas around with the birthday girl.

        Question: 12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

        My daughter just turned 12, but we aren't having a party for a few days or weeks. We need ideas asap. Thanks.

        By Brianna from Burlington, KY

        Most Recent Answer

        By cnufland01/30/2014

        Do go carts 12 year olds don't care where it is they want to have fun. for ex. zoo, neon, Slumber party have snacks and just have fun!

        Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

        I am looking for fun things to do for a 12 year olds party.

        By Raquel

        Most Recent Answer

        By Linda S.05/28/2012

        My granddaughter had a Hollywood mystery party for her 10th birthday my daughter in law bought dresses at the thrift store and they got all fancied up. adults joined in the fun. My son even had a tux from thrift store this took some time and searching. The cake was decorated like the Hollywood hills sign and each kid had a script. They loved it.

        Question: Ideas for Girl's 12th Birthday

        My younger sister is turning 12. She doesn't know what to do for her birthday. Last year she didn't do much because she couldn't decide, so this year I really want some ideas. Please help. Thank you.

        By B.S.

        Most Recent Answer

        By Suntydt [75]01/17/2012

        My daughter wanted to take a couple of her friends to a local pizza/arcade place. Kind of like a Chucky Cheese. If this is something your sister may like and there is a Chucky Cheese is your area, you can go to the CC site and sign her up on their birthday list with your email. You will get an email with offers (coupons) to make a good time there affordable.

        Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

        My daughter is going to be 12. She only wants about 10 friends, all girls, and she is quite a girly girl! We have had lots of parties at home and she doesn't want it babyish. Her birthday is the 17th of September and we are going to do it on a Saturday, the 19th. Any advice?

          By jacqui.roberts [3]

          Most Recent Answer

          By Louise B. [6]08/18/2015

          A 12 year old should have lots of ideas. Many girls like an at home-spa party, and you can google for ideas for that. Some like things like games or activities like going to a movie or pool and then party lunch. Perhaps she would like a fancy dress party, with something like fancy sandwiches, iced tea, delicate dainties, etc -- something like "high tea" as something different for lunch. Another popular activity might be group cooking-- mini pizzas with a variety of toppings, ice cream sundaes, etc.

          Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

          My daughter wants to have a pool party, but her birthday is the 12th of September. So what should I do? I have tried looking at indoor pools, but they are all really expensive.

            By Madison O. [1]

            Most Recent Answer

            By Louise B. [6]08/08/2015

            How would she feel about having the party earlier in the year? I think at 12 I would have been just as happy to have it earlier so that I could have had the type of party that I wanted.

            Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

            Where should I take my daughter for her 12th birthday party? My daughter is very artsy, creative, and very much a girly girl. She has no idea where to go. We don't want the party in our house, but she would like to take a few of her closest friends, all girls probably, somewhere fun, but not at home. Any ideas? Also we live in Los Angeles. Please tell me what you think. Thank you.

              By iljzassaltgatb333 [1]

              Most Recent Answer

              By Donna [227]04/28/2015

              How about checking out any local beauty schools for inexpensive 'day of beauty' treatments like a hair styling, facial, manicure, pedi...many offer parties where I live but I am not in LA. Or you could go to that great big soda distributor (sorry the name eludes me right now, google it) and let them create their OWN signature sodas!

              Question: 12th Birthday Ideas

              My daughter wants to invite about 3 friends and she has no idea what she wants to do. Her absolute favorite color is pink, but she isn't a girly girl. What should I do for her birthday?

              By Ann Onomous

              Most Recent Answer

              By Louise B. [5]04/07/2015

              With only 3 guests, you have a lot of possibilities. Some ideas off the top of my head are - a spa afternoon, going to the movies, a sleepover with games night &/or movies, going to a pool, trip to a museum or science center. Birthday lunch can be very informal - a hot dog roast in the back yard, birthday cake or maybe making pizzas or sundaes. Or, with only 4 altogether, you could take them out to a fancier restaurant for a "classy meal" or high tea or something a little bit special. Run some of these ideas past your daughter, and see what she thinks she and her friends might like to do.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter wil be turning 12 at the end of February 2015. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would most definitely appreciate it. Please and thank you.

              By J.E from Lawndale, CA

              Most Recent Answer

              By 153165901/29/2015

              Trust me I know what a 12 year old girl wants take her on a trip like for example. When I was turning ten, all I wanted was to go to the beach. I always talked about it so look deep and listen to the kids. They will give the answer to you they might be trying to hint you you just don't realize it!

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              I really need some ideas for my daughter's birthday. It's in one week. She doesn't want a girly girl party. Please help. We live in Spain so we would also like some outside games or even challenges.

              By Nina from Spain

              Most Recent Answer

              By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/04/2015

              An easy online search will provide dozens of good answers. Just type in: tween outside party ideas

              Question: 12th Birthday Sleepover Game Ideas

              My daughter is having her 12th birthday in November. She's not girly, but she's not too tomboyey. She wants to have a sleepover, but we want some games for it. But she doesn't want the games to be scheduled. Please help us.

              By Maddy

              Most Recent Answer

              By Vi Johnson [237]10/23/2014

              Our great granddaughter will be 12 in Dec. and her grandma is having a day "spa" party for her. Since your 12 year old isn't girly, How about a craft party, There are tons of craft ideas that is available on the internet. With Christmas coming so fast, They could make gifts for friends and family.

              Another idea, Have them make cookies /candy to take to a nursing home or V.A. hospital and sing a song or two. Or recite a poem, They are old enough to do something for others while having fun. It will make them feel good also. Make cards of best wishes out of construction paper and pictures from seed catalogs/magazines etc. Teach them to be grateful now, while they are still young. In the next couple of years it will be to late for most.
              Happy 12TH Birthday!
              And Mom, Have fun whatever you decide. GG Vi


              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              I'm really stuck. My daughter is having a birthday party for her 12th and I'm stuck for ideas on what to do. She is a girly girl, but not into pamper parties. We also can't have it at the house. Any ideas? (It needs to be near Chichester)

              By TLB

              Most Recent Answer

              By laurenelaine11/09/2014

              1. Have a paint party. Have the party members bring white clothes and set out paint slip n slides and water balloons filled with paint! And games like that.

              2. Have a bonfire with all their friends at the beach and bring blankets and pillows.

              3.go paddle boarding.

              4.stay In a hotel for a night with a bunch of friends.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is having her 12th birthday party with 5 to 8 friends. She wants it to be a sleepover and doesn't want anything girly! We have no idea what to do. Please help!

              By Tina T.

              Most Recent Answer

              By lissiloo10/06/2014

              My idea is that they watch scary movies, maybe have a campfire, or just have them play outside with water balloons.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My friend's daughter is turning 12. She has no clue of what to do for her birthday party. She has already done the spa theme and Halloween party (birthday is in October). Any suggestions?

              By Katie

              Most Recent Answer

              By ShaynaBayna10/02/2014

              One thing I loved for my 12th b-day is tween choice awards. Before the party, decorate the ballot box for votes, and cut up tons of slips of paper. The girls can nominate each other for things like best hair, cutest shoes and most amazing friend. Then at the end of the party you can give prizes to the winners, like chocolate bars. Hope I helped!:)

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is 12 already (her birthday was in July), but we haven't had a party yet. She want's something with friends that is also safe for her 2 year old sister. She also wants to have a wet party, but our pool is way to small. We have a trampoline and swing, but a really small yard and we can't get the deck wet. Help me make it fun please.

              By Lena L.

              Most Recent Answer

              By ffion11/22/2014

              You can have a swapper. Go in groups of 3 or more and then you stay in your groups for 60 seconds. You can swap every 60 seconds so then everyone will have a turn so like 3 on the swings 3 on the trampoline and then 3 in the pool and then swap. Hope this helped.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is turning 12 August 7th. She want's her party in the front yard. There is going to be both girls and boys. What things can I do to make the party fun and cool? Someone please help.

              By Tasha H. from TX

              Most Recent Answer

              By Tori S.08/03/2014

              I only have a couple ideas, but that's better than nothing, right? Ok, so you said you want something cool and fun, and its in the front yard. One thing you could do, and I would highly recommend it, is that you play music, and lots of it. Ask your daughter to pick all the songs though, otherwise she might get embarrassed by what you choose. You should really do your research online to see what 12 year olds do to have fun and what games they play. Your daughter might want a themed party, and if so, try to incorporate games into that. But make sure you don't make the party on a strict schedule, like "Alright, 2:30, time to play _______." Trust me, no schedule.

              Of course, you should definitely ask your daughter about everything. If there are some games she really likes to do with her friends, make sure those games are available to play. And if you do go with a theme, try to make the snacks go along with the theme, but don't make it too corny and obvious. They're not 8. Just keep in mind, whatever you decide, make sure to run it by your daughter and let her have the final say. I'm 15 btw, so I know all this from recent experience. Hope this helps :)

              Question: 12th Birthday Disco Party Ideas

              I'm having my daughter's 12th birthday at the local club disco 1:30 till 4pm. I can't plan much else as I will be just getting of hospital at that time. So I'm trying to get everything ready early. I was looking at lolly bags, but I think that is a bit old. I am looking for ideas. What else could I do? There will be both boys and girls there.

              By Karen

              Most Recent Answer

              By stanyway12311/30/2014

              Why not book a DJ or something and have a glow in the dark theme with glow in the dark bracelets and other kind of cheap props and instead of lolly bags chocolate boxes? Hope I helped.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is turning 12. She is a tomboy, but a little girly. She wants to go do something, but not too much money.

              By Stacy

              Most Recent Answer

              By Kira Lynn06/30/2014

              I am planning on having my 14th birthday soon and I think some of my ideas could be used for this too!
              Beach Party - get some of your closest friends and have a fun time at the beach!

              Campout in Backyard - have a tent, campfire, roast marshmallows and maybe some volleyball, and campout in your backyard!
              Luau Hawaiian Theme - Get some hula skirts, tiki torches, flowers, flip flops, and have a great time!
              Ice Cream Party - Get many different kind of ice cream, and toppings, and invite all your friends over for an ice cream party!

              Casual Slumber Party - Invite some of your closest friends over to spend the night! Have some of your favorite board games. snacks, watch some movies, anything you like!
              Spend the night at a Hotel - Invite your 3-4 closest friends to come spend the night at a hotel with you!

              Hollywood Theme - Have everyone come in formal dresses and take pictures, dance, you could even have a red carpet!
              Theme Park - Go to the closest theme park (depending on where you live) and spend the day there with your friends!

              Spa Day - Have a diy spa day with your friends, do mani-pettis, face masks, etc!
              Hope this helped!

              Question: 12th Birthday Ideas

              My girl is turning 12 and she wants a neon outside party, but also a pool party with a sleepover. Which one would be the best or all of them?

              By Danielle

              Most Recent Answer

              By Louise B. [5]06/04/2014

              It sounds like three parties to me, but you know your own capabilities and budget. I have no idea what a neon party is, but going to a pool for a swim, followed by party supper and cake, and then movies and a sleepover might be doable. I would not invite too many guests. I would give her the choice of a lots of guests (say 10) and the pool party and cake, OR the whole shebang with 2 to 4 friends. Birthdays should be fun, but they don't have to be earth-shattering extravaganzas.

              Question: 12th Birthday Ideas

              My daughter is very picky and gets bored very easily. What should I do or her 12th birthday?

              By Linda from London

              Most Recent Answer

              By kittykat100001/17/2015

              She and her friends could go to the mall. They could just hang out and eat at the food court. Then go to the movies then back home and sleepover.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My little sister is turning 12 and she is not a girly girl and loves swimming year round and likes to go bike riding and is thinking of camping, but doesn't know for sure. Her birthday party is on her birthday May 3rd and she is inviting like 6 of her friends.
              Please help.

              By Julia

              Most Recent Answer

              By kaykay12386705/10/2014

              Hi, and no way! I am a year round swimmer that was thinking of a 12th camping birthday as well in May! I am going to have a fire pit, a tent, hot dogs, projector to watch movies, water balloons, and have a midnight swim (but I'd ask your housing area or whatever first if you can come in after hours).

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter's 12th birthday is soon and she wanted to have a Disney themed birthday.

              Any ideas?

              By Sofie from Seattle, WA

              Most Recent Answer

              By mands272704/08/2014

              If shes having a small group of friends, I say buy some decor and costumes at party city and rent out a hall for 4 hours.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              I need a fun party plan for my daughter's 12th birthday.

              By Angela from Indiana

              Most Recent Answer

              By Molly Lapp11/27/2014

              Hi, I'm 12 and my birthday was yesterday. I like sports and hunting but I'm mostly a girly girl. This year for my party I will be picking all of my friends up in a limo, then we will be drove to a mall to shop and eat. I got a limo and shopped last year and everyone loved it! After that we will get drove back to my house in the limo. Then they would sleepover.

              I might theme my house as a movie night place with movies to watch, a photo booth, popcorn bags as goodie bags, have popcorn in my aunts popcorn machine (I don't expect you anyone to have a large pushable popcorn machine, so u can make microwave popcorn or rent a maker) and make the invataions movie tickets.

              Or I was going to have a Las Vegas theme. My mom and I really like Las Vegas. I would have the photo booth (again), bar food, a dance room (like a club), some fake gambling games and some nonalcoholic alcoholic based drinks. Also my mother and my aunt would love to dress up as flapper girls (if your doing this theme than a flapper girl REALLY makes the theme fun).

              That's my perspective as a 12 year old!

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter

              My daughter is turning 12 in a couple weeks this month and I have no clue what to do. She is not such a girly girl, but likes mature and techy things. I want to keep a budget in case if it goes overboard. I will be really happy for some ideas.

              By Kathy

              Most Recent Answer

              By Louise B. [5]01/03/2014

              I have just suggested to another that perhaps something like a scavenger hunt, board game tournament, fondue party, wiener roast, home-made pizza party, spa night for girls, etc. might be appropriate.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is turning 12 in 5 days and she either wants an "=3" themed birthday party or she just wants a fun party since that's her only idea. Please help.

              By Amanda

              Most Recent Answer

              By ffion11/22/2014

              I hope these 3 ideas work.

              1. You can go out for food and then go bowling and sleepover after that.

              2. You can have like have a big disco like the 70s. Then choose who has the best costumes and then give then a bag of sweets.

              3. You can just go out with your family out shoping early and then go to see a film and a meal.

              Question: Ideas for One Direction Themed Birthday Party

              I have a 12 year old girl who loves ID. Any ideas for a birthday party based on this theme that won't cost a fortune? About 10 girls coming to party in our home. Someone named Areil asked a similar question back in February, I am wondering what she did? Any suggestions welcome.

              By Nora D.

              Most Recent Answer

              By meggymoo12/08/2013

              Simple just put some one direction music on let the girls dance to it. Just buy a pack of one direction mask for the girls to take home as a party favour and let them dance to the music decorate your home or wherether you hold the party to. Just buy some cheap one direction decorations from party city or another cheap store.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My child is turning 12 and loves shopping, music, and dancing. What party should I give her:D

              By Lila from Seattle, WA

              Most Recent Answer

              By sammycongeni12/08/2014

              Well I love all those things, and if I had a birthday party including them I would first go shopping, then go back home or rent a hall and download some of my favorite music on to an ipod or phone, and everyone could dancce to the music and have a great time partying.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is having her birthday in a couple of weeks. She wants it to be grown up. It needs to be inexpensive and can't be in our house cause we live in a flat. She is into cooking, sports, makeup, anything really except art and obviously fashion. She wants 12 people to come. Please help.

              By Helena R

              Most Recent Answer

              By meggymoo12/08/2013

              You could make cupcakes and pizza or you could go to a gymnastics place or go to a climbing wall or stay in a hotel with her bffs and just relax there and chill out there make sure there is a pool to keep them entertained. Have a spa night at your home and do manicures facials pedicures do each others hair and you could even go to a spa with a few friends.

              Question: 12 Year Old Birthday Ideas

              My sister is turning 12 in 2 weeks or so. She knows what friends she wants but has ko idea of a party. There are 7 girls coming and she said it must be a sleepover. We need it to be cheap to. Any ideas?

              By Mia from El Paso, TX

              Most Recent Answer

              By cindy09/04/2013

              What about a pamper yourself theme. There are alot of recipes online for everything from lip gloss to bath salts using household stuff. Also the dollar stores are a great resource. If you search spa party, there are alot of ideas.

              Question: Need a cute idea for a 12 year old's birthday party: help!

              My daughter is 11 and "loves" Broadway and pretty much anything related to it! Her absolute favorite is Wicked, but since it's her favorite, I want to wait until she's 16 so I can really elaborate on the party. Anyways, she's turning 12 soon, and she really wants something that is fun yet inexpensive; because she also wants to see a show for her birthday. Any suggestions?

              She would probably only have a total of 10 girls at her party. Suggestions relating to NYC, Broadway, or anything else like that is appreciated. I was thinking maybe a Phantom of the Opera party, but that'd be hard to pull off. Please I really want to make my daughter truly beam like she was on stage!

              By Loving Mother

              Most Recent Answer

              By Mary Lou [14]08/28/2013

              Then set it up like a theatre, with a paper marque with her name on it in fake lights, stage, bedsheet curtains and of course a microphone (try the dollar store for a cordless play kareoke microphone. Stage a mini talent show and have your daughter be the presenter of prizes and MC.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My 11 year old who's a real tom boy is having a party, but has no clue what to do for it. She would really like something adventurous, but cheap. Please come up with some ideas!

              Many thanks
              Dora the Explorer!

              By Dora E

              Most Recent Answer

              By Jenna T.08/16/2013

              Try Adventure Plex or Sky Zone.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is having her 12th birthday party. She's a girly girl, she loves to be around her friends. I don't know were to go.

              By Anicia

              Most Recent Answer

              By katie keenan [1]09/02/2014

              You could stay at home and let the girls paint nails, do facials, etc. If she wants just a small group of girls, let them sleep over and have them watch a movie and get some candy to share. As for food, pizza is something you could never go wrong with! Hope this helped you out!

              Question: Ideas for Daughter's 12th Birthday

              Help me please. My daughter is turning 12 and I don't know what games should they play. I think maybe a sleep over party, watching movies play games! Any ideas?

              By alsa

              Most Recent Answer

              By Louise B. [5]07/16/2013

              That sounds like a plan - sleepover, movies, and games. The kind of games depends on the kids - some like classic board games such as clue and monopoly or even card games such as Hearts. Others like video games -- even if only a couple are playing, others like to watch, like a spectator sport. Kids also like Truth or Dare. A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is also something that kids like. Look online at sites for "party games" or something like that for ideas and rules of how to play.

              Question: Girl's 12th Birthday Party

              My daughter is having a birthday party in a week with only four friends and she would like to know what are some good ideas that are fun and inexpensive.

              By Alexa from Ontario

              Most Recent Answer

              By carolyn12311/28/2013

              Last year, I had a rainbow party. It seems babyish at first but, when we sent out the invitations, we assigned each girl a color. For example "please come wearing red." We bought individual cups at party city and we had rainbow the dye cupcakes with different colored frosting which they usually sell at jewel ocso or dominicks.

              For party favors, we gave each girl a red eraser, orange bracelet, yellow hair bow, greeen hand lotion,blue jolly rancher and purple nail polish. We had rainbow activities like rainbow splatter painting a canvas. We also had individual colored plates, cups ,forks, napkins and balloons and seat markers of where each girl should sit. We had a sleepover after and my daughter loved it! Hope this helped you!

              Question: 12th Birthday Party

              My daughter wants a sleepover party, but we can only fit 2-3 people. We are also thinking of a modern camping theme e.g. no tents, no open fire, just electronic and new things. Please help party in a month!

              By Danae M

              Most Recent Answer

              By Lorraine [31]05/19/2013

              I would go for the oldfashion method of camping. Tents, fire etc. Cook on open fire for food. Electronics are their everyday thing so why not give them a taste of what it used to be like?

              Question: Girls 12th Birthday Party

              I'm trying to plan a bday party, but my daughter's in high school so she doesn't want it too babyish. Any ideas on activities for this year? She doesn't want a themed party. Also doesn't want games like scavenger hunt.
              We are thinking of spa or makeover. There are around 13 girls.
              Also we need to keep it cheap; any out of the usual ideas? I need help ASAP. Please and thanks.

              By Sim

              Most Recent Answer

              By Mia Lovelessy [1]09/02/2013

              If there is a local spa aroung where you are, most of the time they have little rooms you can rent out for $50 to 60. Most of the time they do mani peti's. Hope that helped.

              Question: 12 Year Old Birthday Ideas

              What can I do on my child's birthday? I have no idea. Thnx :)

              By Stacie

              Most Recent Answer

              By susan patton04/26/2013

              I had a carnival party for my granddaughter. We were able to rent the all purpose room at our fire hall for 30.00. We set up several booths (tables with red tablecloths) that were manned by aunts, uncles, friends, etc.

              One booth had a popcorn popper and bags of popcorn (get red and white bags at the dollar store).

              There was a hot dog "stand" (if you don't have a hot dog cooker you can fill a thermos jug with boiling water and drop the hotdogs into it or put a little water into your crockpot and steam them).

              A cotton candy "stand" [get cotton candy at the dollar store).

              An ice cream cone stand (I bought drumsticks), a lemonade stand (bottled water with lemonade Mio).

              A pretzel stand (I bought the big hard pretzels and had a bowl of mustard, a bowl of melted chocolate. A bowl of thin icing, a bowl of nacho cheese for dipping}.

              A snowcone stand you can get a rival snowcone maker for under 20.00 and the syrups are very inexpensive, we just put them in solo cups with plastic spoons} instead of a cake we had a cupcake tower with homemade cupcakes and lot's of sprinkles!

              We had a ton of balloons and a boom box playing. On one big table we had poster board guitars cut out and bowls filled with markers, stickers, stick on jewels, etc. They all made paper guitars and had an air guitar band and sang karaoke and danced.

              Both boy and girls loved walking up to the tables and ordering their food. They had a ball.
              The goody bag had 1.00 sunglasses, glow bracelets, rings and necklaces. crazy neckerchiefs and tattoos.

              I bought darn near everything at the dollar store and the kids still talk about this party 2 years later!

              Question: Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              What is a good birthday idea for a girl turning 12? We need to know soon, because it needs to be planned out very soon. Thank you very much.

              By Erica

              Most Recent Answer

              By Flavia S.05/27/2013

              I think that you should have a sleepover party, all the girls are having them. Why not add a scavenger hunt and iphone case decorating (you can easily buy cheap clear ones) to keep the girls interested?

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is going to be 12 in 3 weeks and 4 days. She wants to invite friends to a place to have fun and hang out with family and friends besides Planet Party. Please help me and make sure it's not expensive. Where do I go?

              By Gelena from San Antonio, TX

              Most Recent Answer

              By Lewissan [32]03/06/2013

              Are you a member to the YMCA? They sometimes have a party room. I would look for inexpensive places to rent or a free opportunity like the YMCA (if you are already paying for membership). Most party places are going to cost a lot. Community centers often have rooms you can rent hourly.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas for a Directioner

              My daughter is a huge Directioner and she is inviting 5 of her friends, but we don't know how to do this. So help is needed very badly. So help please. Thank you so much.

              By Areil

              Editor's Note: A "Directioner" is a fan of the boy band One Direction

              Most Recent Answer

              By Beth02/19/2013

              My go to tween birthday place is the craft aisle at Walmart. They have t-shirts, bags, and hats to decorate and bracelet making kits. I'm sure you could work 1D in somehow. Also, you could order cheap clear phone cases or key chains and let them decorate them with pics, decorative paper, and stones/glitter (craft store). Saw that on HeyKayli on YouTube.

              Question: Theme Ideas for Girl's 12th Birthday

              My sister's birthday is next month and we can't decide on a theme for her party. The party must be inexpensive and easy to set up. Help please!

              By Cindy J.

              Most Recent Answer

              By Beth01/23/2013

              Go to the craft section at Walmart or the craft store. There you can find great inexpensive craft ideas for her. T-shirts for $3-5 and tye-dye machine for $10 or friendship bracelet kits for $10-20 would make for a great time. There are plenty of foam stickers to decorate hats or notebooks and beaded jewelry parts galore. Good luck.

              Question: Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              I have a 12 year old sister. She does not know what to have for her birthday, but she loves Big Time Rush and One Direction. What should I do? Hope you can help me soon as possible!

              By Ava B.

              Most Recent Answer

              By louislove01/05/2013

              I'm a directioner, so I have an idea of what you should do - One Direction and Big Time Rush theme it. But dont go overboard. That's just an idea.

              Question: Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              I need ideas for a 12 year old birthday party. It is in February. She wants it to have Hello Kitty party supplies and to have it be a weekend event. She also wants it to start off with a hotel night stay, a girls night out. Please help.

              By Yashica

              Most Recent Answer

              By frances [1]10/01/2012

              I'm sorry, but for a girl's twelfth birthday, this is all really too much. She is not in any way old enough for the kind of event that she thinks she wants. Three or four of her friends over to spend the night, with pizza, movies, and plenty of snacks should be just fine. Offer to have a "spa" night with facials and manicures to make it seem more "grown-up" but, please, in no way allow her the type of party you have described in your question.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My niece wants to have a last minute birthday party, (in August or September), but is concerned about the money, and wants to have something that she can afford with her allowance which is $20.00 a week. She is willing to save up as much as she can for this. Have any ideas?

              By Tina C.

              Most Recent Answer

              By Veronica [10]07/25/2012

              Well, without knowing what she likes to do or how many people she is planning to invite, here are some ideas:

              Chef Party: Have the kids make their own pizza, decorate their own cupcakes, or design their own sundaes.
              I know that Dance, Dance Revolution is popular (if she has a Wii), as is Karaoke. You can buy inexpensive Karaoke CDs.

              Check out
              and ... ect-10-preteen-spa-day-birthday.html
              for some great ideas.

              This woman threw an American Idol' slumber birthday party for her 11-year old for $66.00 :

              For a spa birthday party or for party favors, know that Dollar Tree has lots of cute lotions, spa stuff (gloves, manicure and pedicure sets,nail polishes, etc.) for a dollar each.

              Good luck! :)

              Question: Planning a 12th Birthday

              My child is celebrating her birthday next week. We already decided that we will not have the party at home. She wants her party a place we can decorate. She also wants a Mindless Behavior Theme.

              By Unclassified

              Most Recent Answer

              By caitlyn salmon03/13/2014

              I think you could do a dance party and play a bunch of songs from mindless behavior and have glow in the dark things in a dark room or in your backyard if you have one.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Game Ideas

              My daughter, who is 12 years old, is choosing to have only 3 friends stay for her birthday party sleepover. She and her three friends are major girly girls. She has gotten a few game ideas, but is wanting a few more.

              By Thomas

              Most Recent Answer

              By Linda L. [33]01/14/2012

              Mani and pedis, crafts like making hair ornaments or beaded jewelry, make your wolw pizza for food and an engaging activity. 12 year olds usually have a pretty good idea of what they do and do not want-ask her what she enjoyed at other kid's parties, and what she would do differently from other parties

              Question: Princess Birthday Party Ideas for a 12 Year Old

              I am trying to plan a princess party for my 12 year old's birthday, but all the princess party ideas I have found are for little girls. I'm also asking this, because she is terribly fussy. If you have anything that will help me with my daughter's princess party then please reply to my question. Thank you.

              By Hannah from Bridgend, Wales

              Most Recent Answer

              By Debra [4]02/17/2010

     has a great idea for princess tea parties and dress up ideas. You can have all of them do thier hair, nails and bring dress up clothes around a Disney theme, and of course, offer to take pictures and give them to them as a party favor. Or do a Hannah Montana theme for that age group as well.

              Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

              My daughter is turning 12 this August. She wants to have a party with a few friends, but doesn't know what to do. She doesn't really want to go roller skating, or anything of the sort, but she wants something special. She and her friends aren't really dancers, so a dance party is out of the game. She's not very girly, but not really tomboyish either. She's inviting about 12 girls. Any ideas?

                By Agirl19 [1]

                Question: Ideas for Daughter's 12th Birthday

                My daughter is having a party at a hotel, all girl, in the summer because her birthday is in August. She is thinking of having the party last two days. Does anyone have ideas for places we can go for free?

                By Sharon D.

                Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                I have a little 12 year old sister and she wants to hold a party, but we want to go with something cheap and simple. Please help me, it's almost here. Her birthday is the 15th of April.

                By Angel from South Africa pta

                Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                My youngest sister is having her 12 birthday in April. She wants a worldwide theme and afterwards 6 out of 13 girls that are coming are staying for a sleepover. How can I make that happen? I'm 23; I don't know what games or what decorations to use. She wants a mural from a photo of her BFFs. How can I decorate it?

                By Faviola R

                Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                My little girl is turning 12! She is not so little anymore. She wants an adventure party. I need ideas on how to organize a treasure hunt in the neighborhood.

                By Anna

                Question: 12th Birthday Ideas

                I don't have a car. What should I for her birthday?

                By Martina

                Question: Inexpensive 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter is turning 12 and she wants to do something fun, but I want it cheap. She wants to have a sleep over, but our house is small. What should I do?

                By Tyra

                Question: Party Ideas for Daughter's 12th Birthday

                I have had some ideas from friends, but I still do not know what to do. We live in Perth, WA, Australia and we're on a tight budget. Please help.

                By Olivia P.

                Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                My daughter wants a more fun and crazy party for a 12 year old; what do I do?

                By Luciante

                Question: Hotel Birthday Party

                We want a hotel/waterpark stay for 7 kids and 2 adults with 3 bedrooms, free wifi, and waterpark fun. Where in Tennessee can we go?

                By Natalie

                Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                My little sister is turning 12 in June and she has a lot of friends that are boys that she wants to come. There are 40 people in her class that she wants to invite and we can't think of anything! Please help.

                By Linsey

                Question: 12 Birthday Party Game Ideas

                My daughter is having a Muppets "wanted" theme party in May. We need some ideas for some games to play.

                By Laurel F.

                Question: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                My 12 year old girl's birthday is coming up soon and I am trying to see what to do? I live around Atlanta so maybe there can be somewhere to go for the party! Are there any ideas?

                By Lilly C


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                Archive: 12th Birthday Ideas

                I really need help. I am trying to plan my 12th birthday, but I am clueless! I want to invite my friends who are older then me and I want it to be fun for everyone. If anyone has any ideas please tell me because I am really clueless and my birthday is in august!


                Toga Party

                You could do a toga party! (07/02/2005)

                By Karli

                Pizza Party!

                My daughter will be turning 12 on Saturday. Here's our suggestion:

                If you have a low-cost Pizza place like "Eats-A-Pizza" plan it there. It only costs $3 a person and you can ask everyone to bring their own money for it, if they can.

                Or you can have a "pizza making" party. Where you all make the pizza's yourselves at home and rent a movie with lots of popcorn & pop.

                Hope it's a great day for ya'll. (07/26/2005)


                Disco Party

                I am having my 12th birthday soon, I am having a Disco themed party. Everyone has to dress up, and we are going to have two contests, one for best costume, and another for best disco dancer. It is going to be in my basement, because it is dark, and I am going to have a fog machine, disco ball and lights, you don't have to have this stuff because it is expensive, but it is more fun! I think this is going to be a fun party, if anyone has any ideas, post them! (08/18/2005)

                By Bry

                Dance Party

                For my 12th birthday party I am having a dance party. My friends are coming over and we are going to go down into my basement where it will be decorated as a dance club (one section). Since my mom doesn't like to spend a lot of money on B-day parties, she is borrowing her friends dance floor and we are hanging streamers up on the walls for cheap wall covers (since my walls are tan). My mom will run to Safeway to get their chicken platters (cheap) and a cool cake. (11/03/2005)

                By MADISON


                I'm inviting all my girlfriends over for a sleepover. First, we'll go to the park and then go swimming in my pool. Then we'll go back home and relax, play games, dance, listen to music, etc. After that, we'll have movie madness and play movies non-stop. We'll dance some more and talk about girl stuff. Then the next morning we'll make pancakes and give each other makeovers.v (06/18/2006)

                By Emily

                Backwards Party

                I am about to have my 12th birthday too, 2 things that you could do is you could have a backwards themed party and have everyone wear their stuff backwards and come in the backdoor and open presents before anything else and stuff like that. Even write backwards on the cake or some thing.

                The other one is a black light themed party, wear everything that glows in the blacklight, get glow necklaces and stuff too. I hope it works out for you! Have a great 12th! piper (06/29/2006)

                By piper

                Haunted House

                A great idea is a sleepover! I have had 3 in a row from my 9th birthday until my 12th. I have many friends that are older than me and they loved them! When is your birthday? Mine is in october so we go to haunted houses and have costume games. I'm into sports so we usually play those in our costumes. Another good idea to do at your party is a dance off. They are very fun and hilarious! i hope you have a great birthday! Good luck planning! (07/20/2006)

                By katie

                Archive: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                I need ideas for my daughter's 12th birthday party.

                Tyieshaka from Houston, Texas

                RE: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                It all depends on what she's into. Here's some themes to consider:
                • Salon/make over sleep over
                • fear factor party
                • 50's dance (grease)
                • DIY party (decorate T-shirts, make purses, tie dye, etc.)
                • luau
                • club/dance disco party
                • hollywood theme
                • roller skating
                • swimming
                • hotel party
                • video game party
                • cheerleading party
                The haunted house idea would be fun. For my little sisters birthday we had a wonka party. We had tons of candy and candy related games. I have pictures if you want to see them. (10/01/2006)

                By Tah Tah

                Sleepovers are the most fun.

                You should have a sleepover. those are always fun. Rent lots of movie and make lots of popcorn and put whip cream on whover falls asleep first. I did that before. It was hilarious! It was way fun! (10/29/2006)

                By Alexys

                RE: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                You should have a mystery party. I'm turning 12 in January and I am a having a cheerleading mystery dinner party. Its very fun. Go to google and search for mystery dinner kits for kids or teens. Something should pop up. I hope I helped! (01/02/2007)

                By Rylee

                Archive: 12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

                I need ideas for my daughter's 12th birthday party.


                Archive: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                What could I do for my 12 yr old's birthday party?


                Archive: 12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

                I need ideas for my daughter's 12th birthday party.


                Archive: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                I need ideas for my son's 12th Birthday Party. We are having boys and girls. Most all the ones invited are soccer players but every year we have had soccer themes and we usually have his parties where the entertainment part is included. This year he wanted to have it at the house. I would like ideas to make this party cool! Thanks.

                By Casie from TX

                RE: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                Since you are having boys and girls that are "tweens", you might do the "Happy Days" 50's theme. Have guests dress in 50's attire, like Fonzy and girls with ponytails and big skirts. Play 50's music and have a dance! (04/14/2009)

                By vguy

                Archive: 12 Year Old Girls Birthday Party Ideas

                I'm hosting my daughter's 12th birthday party, but I don't know what to do. What should the girls do at the party? I want something low-cost but fun. Thanks!


                Archive: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                Can you please give us some birthday ideas for my daughter's 12th birthday? We will be inviting boys and girls.


                Archive: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                I am looking for fun things to do at my son's 12th birthday party. We are having it at home.


                Archive: 12th Birthday Party Ideas

                I am looking for some activity ideas for a girl's 12th birthday.