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Bringing Down My Blood Sugar

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I would like some natural remedies for bringing down blood sugar. If you have anything that worked for any of you, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. God bless you all.

Bettybazzle from Summerville, S.C



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By patriicia (Guest Post)09/22/2008

When you are having a baby, how will you bring it down?

By (Guest Post)12/29/2007

vinegar, cinnamon, exercise

By Julie R. (Guest Post)06/15/2007

I also heard that using about 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon daily is very good at stabilizing bloodsugar levels. Especially helpful in the afternoon when bloodsugar levels tend to dip and you want a pick me up, so try a piece of wheat toast sprinkled with cinnamon. Supposedly the cinnamon, as well as nutmeg, helps not only with bloodsugar, but also high blood pressure, which we know can go hand in hand with diabetes. A good website to checkout for good information on controlling diabetes is Good luck, and here's to good health.

By (Guest Post)06/12/2007


My father had diabetes and my mom used to boil cut pieces of bitter gourd (it's a vegetable known as 'karela' in south asia) and strain and give the juice to my dad everyday in the morning empty stomach. Ayuveda medicine has this treatment. It worked for my dad. I tried it on my MIL who had diabete also and it worked on her as well. e only thing is bitter gourd is really bitter.. it's best to pinch your nose close with one hand and then quickly swallow the juice.

Best of luck.

By Holly [349]06/12/2007

Forgot to mention that vinegar helps to stabilize bs levels. Have some with every meal. Just lightly sprinkle a little bit on your soup, salad... it doesn't take much to work. Probably lemon juice might work as well, but vinegar is a sure bet. There are so many different types of vinegar that you can be very busy testing them all out.

By Caryn in Illinois (Guest Post)06/12/2007

I close friend just shared some info from his new doctor about this same problem. Take 2 tablespoons of vinager (undiluted) in a shot glass prior to each of your three meals. In 3 to 4 days you should see your blood sugar numbers coming down. It really worked for him. I hope it helps you too.

By Holly [349]06/12/2007

Artichokes are supposed to help bs .
I learned that my sugar is only as low as the last time I exercised.

By kidsNclutter06/11/2007

Using regular cinnamon instead of the pills sold in health food stores does work, at least for some people. I can't remember the recommended daily amounts, about 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, could be added to foods or tea. Worked for an elderly relative & kept her sugar more stable, less fluctuations.

By Jill (Guest Post)06/11/2007

I am super sensitive to carbs and must watch my intake very carefully. I've found that I can't have more than 13 g carb in a given meal without the consequence of elevated blood sugar for the next 10 hours. I also have to watch the source of the carbs. Starchy vegetables and grain products wreak havoc on my system and most types of fruit are even worse! I've found that when I drink more non-caloric, non-caffeine beverages, eat small amounts of "smart carbs," and get at least 30 minutes of walking in each day, my levels are much better.

If you can, consult with a diabetes educator. Your doctor should be able to help you get access to one. Diabetes educators can give you great tips and help you to understand and implement what works best for your body and its idiosyncrases. Best wishes!

By (Guest Post)06/11/2007

You can also start using sylitol sugar which has low glycemic levels and agave syrup as sugar. Also stevia powder or liquid can be used.

By mary (Guest Post)06/11/2007

fiber (apples, jerusalem artichokes have good reps) will stabilize b.s.

By Beckie (Guest Post)06/11/2007

Walking brings down blood sugar. If you have a glucometer, take your blood sugar, go for a walk and take it again. Ill bet it will be down. moral of the story, diet and exercise is a big deal for diabetics, and lets face it if it is type 2 (which I have) that happens mostly to overweight people who are not in the habit of watching what they eat and exercising.

By Syd Barr (Guest Post)06/11/2007

Go on a low carb diet like a diabetic has to do. Pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, white flour will raise your glycemic index ... tryglycerides. Type 2 diabetics have to watch this. You can have some, like 30 carbs total per meal.

Watching your diet, besides understanding the carbs, also get a calorie book and look up the portion size and keep track of just how many calories you are taking in as well as the amount of carbs. Losing weight will bring down blood sugars too.

Also, factor in how many calories a beer, or glass of wine has if you want to have one. There is lower carbs in Miller Lite Beer. Just becoming aware of things is the key! Good luck.

By Michelle (Guest Post)06/10/2007

If you really love sweets and find them hard to give up, try using grain sweetners such as brown rice syrup and barley malt to make deserts. Check out for recipes or any other macrobotic cooking. These are complex carbs help stabilize blood sugars and have many other health benefits too. Good luck!

By Jo H [1]06/10/2007

If you can get it chromium helps. I live in the UK and there is a firm called simply supplements (based in Guernsey) that has a pill called blood sugar control which helps. It has chromium in it. But a combo of chromium and a B complex should help.


By (Guest Post)06/09/2007

Drink lots of water.

By (Guest Post)06/09/2007

The cinnamon is a great idea, but it isn't regular cinnamon, you have to look up the one that helps with blood sugar. Just check a vitamin site. You can usually pick the capsules up at natural food stores.

Best of Luck

By Terri [7]06/09/2007

I would borrow a book from the library on the glycemic index diet. There are a lot tips on controlling blood sugar with food without drugs. My husband is diabetic and I've used some of the things I've learned to help him and friends who are trying to lose weight. I trust that you are under a doctor's care, so anything you do should be with his knowledge. Good luck.

By joan pecsek [88]06/09/2007

If you are overweight, lose weight. Being within your normal weight limit greatly lowers blood sugar. If you are Type 2 this can often return your blood sugar to normal. Exercise helps, too. Cinnamon (you can buy capsules in almost any drug or discount store) is supposed to help. Also gymnea sylvestre (you'll probaby have to get this at a health food store). There are many vitamin packs (like "AlphaBetic") that are specially tailored to diabetics. If you smoke you MUST STOP! Smoking aggravates everything that diabetes does to you, it's like having diabetes twice. Please take care of yourself. My father died recently from complications of diabetes (He had almost every complication you can have and I'm sure all his years of smoking had a lot to do with it). His last couple of years were miserable. Expensive too. Maybe it seems crass to mention money but we're talking a million dollars in a year and a half. You have to consider that. God Bless you, let's pray for a cure.

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