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Washable Marker on a Leather Seat


My 4 year old daughter accidentally wrote a long line on my friend's car leather gray seat. She used a purple RoseArt bold washable marker. I feel so badly since I'm the adult and I feel responsible. It happened 3 days ago and she only found out this afternoon. She said she'll bring it to the professional cleaner and will let me know. How else could we remove the mark? I will appreciate any help. Thank you.

By cellyn from Las Vegas, NV


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By Jennifer 10 06/11/2009 Flag

In my experience baby wipes are a blessing.

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By Michele 18 64 06/11/2009 Flag

I agree with jenthehen77. Baby wipes are gentle enough for a baby, they will be gentle enough for leather.

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By Polly Levesque 28 28 06/11/2009 Flag

Is the marker just "washable" or is it one for a whiteboard? If the baby wipes don't work, try this ... as ridiculous as it sounds. Take the same marker and write another line on top of the one that's already on the seat. Then wipe it off immediately. It re-wets the original mark, so it's more "agreeable" to being wiped off. I've had dry markers on a whiteboard for ages, sometimes, and this is the only sure way I know of to get rid of it. Then wipe it down with the baby wipe a second time to get as much as possible out.

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By Tracy Ferguson 3 17 06/12/2009 Flag

I always use this comb on everything. One of those mr. clean erasers & fantastik the one with oxy in a blue bottle gently wipe the area. It should come off. It may take a lot of wiping but remember gently. Hope it comes off, but ya know what stuff happens it isn't the worst thing.

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