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Preparing Fresh Spinach


Does anybody have a good way to make fresh spinach? I want to make it like how they serve it in the restaurants. Do I just boil it or what? Mine never quite turns out like the pro's make it.

Peggygv from San Antonio, TX



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By (Guest Post) 05/01/2006

hey there, I used to be a restaurant-cook(in Holland), and prepared it in a wok: wash and dry the spinach, peel and cut some onion and garlic, stirfry the onion/garlic, then add the spinach (keep tossing,switch off cooker-hood when stirfrying ), add a little veg. stock-powder and black pepper.It is ready when the spinach is warmed thru, so it shouldn't be "done".Also good for paksoi/amsoi etc.

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By pthere (Guest Post) 05/01/2006

Hi I like to cook my Spinach in a pot with just two Tbls of veggie stock and when its just starting to wilt turn the heat off and stir in a nob of butter. The butter puts a lovely shine on the spinach as well as making it taste good. Or you could try stir-frying it in a touch of olive oil in a wok or fry-pan when you serve it just sprinkle over garlic salt. Another good way is to boil it and then mix it with scooped out flesh of a baked potato place back into the potato and sprinkle with cheese and place under the grill untill melted. Happy Eating.

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By Glinda (Guest Post) 05/02/2006

The old fashion "Southern" way of cooking fresh spinach. I use to watch my mom do it, and I learned, that the important thing to remember is not to overcook any "greens". Mom use to boil her water, with meat seasoning, (like jowl or ham hock), and salt & pepper ahead of time for flavour. Then when it was smelling good, in about an hour, boiling with the lid on. Add the well washed spinach, or greens. Spinach cooks really fast. So, you'll only need to cook it a very short time. I cook mine to taste which only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. With greens, like collard, or turnip, it may take a little longer.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 05/02/2006

Rinse and do not dry well. Leave some water clinging to leaves. Saute with a bit of olive oil and garlic, maybe some onions(if using onions, start then first) Saute spinach just until it wilts.

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By amanda 8 34 05/05/2006

I like to steam mine in my microwave ( I have a tupperware container designed for this)

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By Cheryl (Guest Post) 05/08/2006

Making spinach is easy! Place clean spinach in pot with lid. No need to add water, the water clinging to the washed leaves is more than enough to cook the spinach. Place the lid on the pot, turn burner on medium and steam spinach for 5-7 minutes. When removing spinach from pot, press leaves against side of pot to remove excess water. Season with your choice of salt, freshly ground black pepper, and lemon juice if desired. Enjoy!!!

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By Marta (Guest Post) 06/09/2006

After it is cooked, I like it topped with a squirt of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and some toasted pine nuts.
I also like to add cooked spinach it to the ricotta mixture/layer when making lasagna.

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