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Soap for Fleas

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My son is a PhD chemist. 8 years Duke University, 8 years Federal government, now employed with a private firm. More money was offered I guess. He travels extensively for his employers, travels worldwide.

He says the safest and best way to rid yourself of a flea infestation is a very old fashioned remedy, can be used safely on your hair, your animals and your hardwood floors. Soap and water. Not detergents, real old fashioned soap, like for instance Fels Naptha. Hope this is helpful I TRIED everything before contacting him.

By Fran Merrill


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By Jacketbacker [28]04/18/2012

This is correct about plain soap getting rid of fleas. Dawn also works beautifully, but it dries out my dog's skin, so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Dawn washing for me. I can tell you what will kill a flea dead the minute it hits the flea! Buy yourself some Avon Skin So Soft bath oil, and also get the smaller spray bottle.

If you spot a flea, spray directly on the flea, and it will never move another time. This is also good for the dog's coat and skin, same as ours. If you spray on the belly area, usually it will get any fleas moving to and fro, but you can also spray either before or after bathing, all over.

It tends to make the dog look oily, if you get too much or leave it on after bathing the dog all over. It won't hurt anything, just looks awful. I spray my skin after every shower. This is thriftier than bathing in the SSS, makes it go much further, and I don't have to immerse myself or my dog in the water unless I want to soak. It will keep mosquitoes from biting too!

Also, try some of the Spot-On, or other Orange-based flea drops. They work well, combined with Dawn and SSS, and I never have had a flea problem, in my Barli's 8 1/2 years. If outside animals bring them to my yard, 50 Mule Team Borax sprinkled in the yard will do the trick.

RE: Soap for Fleas

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/30/2005

Hi Sharon,
Dove is a brand of soap in the U.S. It is a mild soap.

Fels Naptha is an old fashioned soap. You can find out more about it here:

I'm sure that there is something similar in the U.K.

By shirley woodward (Guest Post)07/30/2005

I am in the U.K. please can you tell me what you mean when you say dove soap or old fashioned soap

By terry02/07/2005

Thanx so much for this info! Never heard of it, but you can believe I'll try it when the time comes (and it's coming soon).

This is for Tuey: You used to be able to find fels-naphtha in the drugstore. If it's not available there, I'd try Lowe's or some place like that.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]02/07/2005

Thank you Fran!

I prevent any any fleas whatsoever by keeping my dogs on Frontline all year long, but your post is very interesting. Thank you for posting!

Northern Virginia

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/07/2005

Hi Tuey,
Fels Naptha can be found in the laundry section of the grocery store. It is usually on one of the higher shelves. It comes in a bar like regular soap. It can be used to make your own laundry soap, also.
Susan from ThriftyFun

By TUEY (Guest Post)02/07/2005


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