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Du Rag Pattern

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I need a free du rag pattern. Thanks.

By Kathie from Vienna, OH


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By Irene [4]03/02/2011

Hi KansasCindy!
If you type "Du Rag pattern" in your search engine you should be able to pick and choose. I use Google and got this response: About 163,000 results (0.04 seconds).
Hope you find something you like.

By Cindy [3]03/02/2011

Hello Kathie. I have a brother that works in construction and he usually wears a do rag (also spelled doo rag) to protect his shaved, ("almost hairless, anyway, head"; she teases as only a big sister can - yes, I'm bad!) scalp from sunburn. He folds his own from square sized bandannas. I don't know how he does so, but found this site that might help you learn how to fold them, and then you could stitch them if you want a "pre-fab" made do rag.

I know a lot of the store bought ones are pre-folded and stitched, but my brother prefers knowing how to fold and tie them himself (without any stitching) for a more custom fit. Good luck with your project! :)

By mcw [80]03/01/2011

Just the other day I saw that Dollar Tree sells Do-Rags for $1.00.

Buy a cheap one and use that as a pattern to make your own.

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