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Homemade Foot Softener


Would you like softer feet? I found out a way to do so. I sell Avon and I got a sample of some stuff to soften feet, but it felt like petroleum jelly with some nice mint in it. So I figured the way to really save money was to make my own feet softener.

First, I put a good lotion or cream on my feet and rub in. Then I take petroleum jelly and put a light coat it over top. Usually I just put it on before bed and put cotton socks on, but you can put your feet into plastic grocery bags first then into socks for a deep treatment. When you put your feet into bags first, it helps hold moisture in and creates heat. That will make your feet feel and look softer. But you can put your lotion and jelly on before bed and put socks on, and get really good results.

How often? I'd say just a few days a week is fine. That's what I do and I have very dry feet and skin. I hope this helps someone out!

By Misty from Wooster, OH



By Louise 7 96 10/08/2007 Flag

Another thing to try is Vicks-Vapo-Rub. Sounds silly, but it really works! Just smear it on your feet, especially your heels and put on socks. Do this about three times a week right before bedtime and no more cracked heels. I use it all the time. You don't have to buy the name brand, a generic works just as well and is much cheaper!!!!!!

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By Louise 7 96 10/08/2007 Flag

As an addendum to my previous post, I got the Vicks hint from a podiatrist. He said that the reason it works so well is the eucalyptus oil in Vicks.

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