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Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe


Is it good to use cornstarch on a dog for a dry shampoo? It's in a lot of dry shampoos.

By Moe from Bagley, IA


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By Jai 3 09/03/2010

I use equal parts bi carb and cornstarch for my two dogs between baths, just brush it in. It lessens the odours quickly, best done outside.

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By Lynnie 3 12/10/2010

Not sure about the cornstarch but I keep a spray bottle of white vinegar and water 50/50 mix to quickly get rid of the odors. Just rub with a paper towel or wash cloth after spraying, Watch their eyes. Odors gone in seconds. Another trick I heard and tried is to rub them with dryer sheets to freshen them up. That works too. I love my 4 legged children but they sometimes are less than fresh.

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Archive: Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

Does anyone know a homemade dry dog shampoo? By dry I mean one that does not need to be washed out. Thank you!

Linda from Seattle, WA

RE: Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

I've heard that you can use cornstarch (for humans too). (02/02/2006)

By Karen Howell

RE: Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

I've used baking soda in between baths, just sprinkle on and brush in really well. It absorbs oil and odor, and if the dog licks it won't harm him. I've also found that when my dogs don't smell so good, if I just give them a good brushing it helps immensely. They often don't need a bath after I've done this. I believe it's the loose dead hair that traps the dander (which actually smells). (02/03/2006)

By debbie

RE: Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

Baby powder works well for that. Sprinkle on and brush through fur, it too absorbs odor and oil. This is what I use on my cats and dog. (03/17/2006)

By katieandjeffy

RE: Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

This is pretty late, however, I just read about rubbing cornstarch into matted dog fur to loosen the mat. It really works. My little Shitzu can really get thick, and this helps immensely. (11/14/2008)

By Jackie

RE: Recipe for dog wipes to use between shampoos

I live in AZ and have found a damp micro-fiber cloth works wonders for removing dust. Easily rinsed and reused, this also helps with doggy odor. (01/05/2009)

By bucky

RE: Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

I too have used baby powder on my dog. Just sprinkle it on and brush it out. It leaves him smelling nice and clean and is way cheaper than the stuff you buy at the store, as well I found the smell lasted longer and was nicer than the store bought kind anyways. Good luck! (02/06/2009)

By Sarah

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