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Problems Growing Pine Trees

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I have been having problems with planting pine trees and then they die - 11 to be exact in the last 3 years. Does anyone know of a fertilizer I can make up to help when I plant them? How can I then feed them through the season?

Jason from WI



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By Stuart Ferguson12/18/2008

I worked for a children's home campus about 15 years ago. We were given access to a nursery area to transplant as many pine tree seedlings as we wanted to our campus. We failed to dig deep enough to obtain intact the taproots of the seedlings we dug up. Many died. But of those we dug up properly, we found that pouring some white vinegar was helpful, it seems that the ground was too alkaline for the acid loving pine tree varieties we had transplanted, and 5% acidity of the vinegar helped amend the soil.

By jeannette05/18/2005

Hi Jason
This is what we did when we planted our tiny Xmas tree. Put in russet potatoes (we used about 5 or 6), then plant the pine tree on top. Water well. This worked really well and now our lil tree is huge. LOL

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By Barbara (Guest Post)12/22/2008

I think that you should keep your trees outside and give them plenty of water. When they get too big for the pot that they are in you should transplant them to a bigger pot. I'm sure that there are fertilizers made especially for pine trees. Maybe a mulch of dried pine needles would help.

By yosamu Semugoma (Guest Post)07/12/2008

yosamusemugoma AT

My problem is with the cost. I bought 150 acres of land and planted 100,000 trees. The growth rate is very good because the Uganda (my country) weather is the best in the world. My problem is the high cost of maintenance and I would like to know of any organizations that help finance such projects. My trees are two years old.

By donna (Guest Post)03/01/2008

I heard that pines trees attack drains and sewers systems. Is this true?

By ana-maria (Guest Post)02/15/2008

hey! i`m Ana from Belgium. I would like to plant a pine tree. Could u tell me when is the best period to plant it?
pls write me @mail at ana_maria_roata_ro AT

thx in advance

By Dave (Guest Post)08/06/2007

I need someone to confirm or denie a so called fact about pine trees. Is it true that a pine tree that has a trunk that splits off into two or more trunks is an indication of the tree growing over ledge or rock?

By Dale Lukens (Guest Post)07/05/2005

Planted 5 Pondersoa Pine (6 feet tall) about four weeks ago and now some of them are turning yellow.

We have had lots of rain this month, could that be the problem oor do they need more watering

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