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I was in Lancaster, PA recently and ate at Good 'n Plenty restaurant. I would like to have recipes for their broasted chicken, cabbage & green pepper salad and a dish made of fresh green beans, cucumbers, celery, carrot shavings and I forget what else. It was marinated in a sweet & sour dressing (I think). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anna from Maine



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By maggiemay (Guest Post) 07/15/2005 Flag

Hi! I am from Lancaster County and live a few miles away from the Good and Plenty restaurant. It is one of many great restaurants that have delicious Amish food in the area. The recipe you want is called Pepper Cabbage.
Here is the recipe:
1 head of cabbage, grated
1/2 green pepper
1 large carrot grated
1 cup sugar
1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
Pinch of salt
Mix the sugar, water and vinegar together and pour over the cabbage, green pepper and carrot. Mix thoroughly. This tastes better if you refrigerate for several hours or overnight. Enjoy!
I will try to find the other recipes you requested and will get back to you. Good luck!

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By Arlene (Guest Post) 07/16/2005 Flag

I am from Lancaster, PA also and Pepper Cabbage and Chow Chow are definitely not the same thing. Look on some Amish Cooking sites and you will most likely find all those recipes. Shoofly Pie is also a favorite of Lancaster PA.

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By Davida (Guest Post) 08/18/2005 Flag

I enjoyed our Meal at Good 'n plenty. Would love to know how they do their noodles.

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By Magaly. (Guest Post) 11/21/2005 Flag

My family and i enjoyed a fabulous meal at Good N" plenty last year. We would like to make their cracker pudding for thanksgiving can you help me? Thanks

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