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Homemade Ear Plugs


Here's a tip if you're going swimming and don't have any ear plugs. You can keep a new can of children's Silly Putty on hand, to tear off a bit to put in your ears. To tear off enough so you'll be able to pull it out of your ear, once you're finished swimming.

The reason to make sure it's a new can, you don't know what kinds of germs are in the ones they might have already played with. Be sure to use the putty that's not been played with yet.

Editor's Note:Silly Putty is NOT intended for this use and has a warning on the can that states "Do not use as earplugs"



By susie (Guest Post) 06/17/2006 Flag

I was always taught that you don't stick anything in your ears. What if the putty goes in too far? Since putty will soften with the person's body heat, and there's no way to retrieve it, this could be a major problem--not to mention the cost of an ENT specialist. I think it might be better to delay swimming until you can get some ear plugs.

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By ear doc (Guest Post) 10/08/2006 Flag

NEVER EVER use these "earplugs" on your kids. The chemicals used to make silly putty can cause an uncomfortable skin irritation inside the ear. This may result in inflammation and infection for some unlucky folks if the compound remains in contact with skin for too long - especially if any residue stays in the ear canal after removal.

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By Chrissy (Guest Post) 10/10/2007 Flag

Plus, the Silly Putty can also get stuck in your hair, and the best way to get it out is to cut your hair.

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By Full Name 1 02/05/2008 Flag

Well then it's simple- just don't put it in all the way!

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By Molls (Guest Post) 07/30/2008 Flag

I just read a long story on a blog about a woman who still has Silly Putty stuck in her ear from when she was 12. The hot sun melted it and caused a trip to the doctor, and the docs weren't able to extract all of it. My friend's doctor suggested Silly Putty, so I guess it's a common practice, but I'm going to stick w/ stuff marketed for use as earplugs...

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By Helpful (Guest Post) 12/18/2008 Flag

Well, I bought a pack of Silly Putty and it clearly stated "Not intended for use as earplugs."
It'll probably be too much of a risk, so I recommend you don't

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By Kathryn 1 06/18/2010 Flag

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT EVER DO THIS!!! We have had several children in our ENT office with Silly Putty stuck to eardrums. The putty melts and then hardens on the eardrum resulting in PERMANENT damage. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO THIS. In fact, this suggestion should be removed from this website.

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By Kimberly 1 12/09/2010 Flag

I put silly putty in my daughters ears because she has tubes. The putty melted and drained into her ear canal. The ENT said to just leave it. Well 2 years later we ended up in childrens hospital having to have a 4 hour surgery to remove it. It entered into a hole in her eardrum and the eardrum closed up around it. It rested close to one of her hearing bones. Please, never put silly putty into your childs ear for any reason!

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By prosunshine 1 12/28/2014 Flag

Don't do this! I have it stuck in my ear and it won't come out! I had to go to the ER today(sat night) trying to get help removing it and all they did was rip up my ear and it's still bleeding plus they couldn't get much of it out. Now I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday and my ear really hurts!

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