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Repairing A Sofa Button

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How do you repair a sofa button?

Don Poor



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By Betty (Guest Post)04/13/2007

My sofa's button has also came out. My boyfriend sat down and we heard the thread that holds it in place snap. now we have a dangling button and we don't know how to fix it. We only have had the couch for about 4 months. Open to any ideas.

By reel (Guest Post)08/31/2005

My dog just took a bite out of the same kind of sofa- at the button- which is now missing and there is a 4 inch gap in this multi coloured loose woven fabric- and it was in someone else's house!!! I would like to get an idea how to repair it and there is no upholstery repair place in the small town where the sofa is. So it is a step or two worse than the first one- the button is now missing and so is a chunk of the fabric- but not that much. Thanks

By Melissa (Guest Post)01/14/2005

I also have an errent couch button. Its holding on by a strong thread, but the material that the button is supposed to sit upon is frayed. The material is like a tapestry, large woven cotton threads. If anyone knows a magic trick so that the hole doesnt get bigger and also how to perhaps reestablish the button in its home Id appreciate that advice

By beanygurl [1]01/05/2005

You should be able to re-attach them with heavy duty upholstery thread and a curved needle.

By beanygurl [1]01/02/2005

what's the problem with it?? Did the uphostery covering it get damaged, did the button fall off, is the button broken in some way??

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