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Recipes Using Fennel


I went to the supermarket and saw fennel for the first time so I bought it, but I don't know how to cook it or use it in food. Can you send me a couple recipes so that I can try something. Thank you very much.

Christine from Trinidad, West Indies



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By Barbara Hickson 1 9 07/20/2007

Hi Christine.I love fennel and it's aniseed flavour, sometimes I use it raw in salads, just slice it and add to a mixed salad.It is very nice with sliced ham(the Spanish ham Serrano is best) but I am biased because I live in Spain. As a side dish I slice it and braise it in chicken stock. Hope this will get you started.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 07/25/2007

The flavoring works well in many Oriental dishes, although I'm not too fond of how the Chinese have been putting poisoned items into the foods they sell the U.S. right now, so I'd just chop it finely and use it on fish and I believe it can be frozen if not wet. It is one of the main ingredients in "Chinese Five Spice" . The fresher an herb is, the more it takes to get the stronger flavor, depending upon your taste for it. I used to think it was more like dill, but it isn't. God bless you. : )

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By Jess 127 749 07/25/2007

Here is a link I found with all sorts of fennel recipes and info. I've never cooked with it but I see it all the time on the Food Network shows. I believe it is used often in Italian cooking. Let us know how it turns out.


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By Diane Mattick 6 17 07/29/2007

We use fennel that comes in a jar in the spice section of a supermarket as a tea. Use a teaspoon of it per cup. It has a mild sweet licorice flavor and it is good for colic, indigestion, bloat, gas, and stomache and is a natural relaxant. You don't have to be sick to use it. The taste is pleasant. Several generations of our family have even used it for our babies. My daughter loved it.

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By Marta (Guest Post) 07/30/2007

I slice the white part of a fresh fennel bulb into sticks and dip it in good olive oil with some cracked black pepper as a snack. It is also great in salads. But I don't like to eat the green stalky part.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 08/05/2007

I use fennel in the spice section jars, it give spaghetti a GREAT kick and everyone loves it.
Actually even if my sauce is shhhh Ragu or store brand canned spaghetti sauce I add a tablespoon or
so of fennel seeds to it.

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