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Cleaning Sticky Residue on Laminate Flooring

How do I get the sticky feeling off laminated flooring? I have tried water and vinegar and just plain hot water for damp mopping and it doesn't work.

By bet31 from Edmonton, AB

Recent Answers

By lynda [12]10/05/2009

I'd try WD-40 which is fish oil and a tiny amt of petroleum distillate. use paper towels and warm Dawn dish soapy water. Dry immediately and you should be fine. Good bless and good luck. : )

By Vicki Keyes [4]10/02/2009

I work in floor covering. Never, never, never put water and/or vineagar on a laminate floor! Laminated flooring is only layers of "paper/wood" pressed together with a laminated top covering. There are special cleaners for laminate flooring. Your local floor covering store should be able to tell you about these products. Anything wet on a laminate floor should be kept to bare minimum. In time, you will ruin your floor with too much water! Good luck!

By lesley [1]10/02/2009

The product I use is Goo Gone. It is available in Canada, I live in Ontario. I have yet to come across a sticky problem it cannot get rid of. Also, the bottle I bought over 5 years ago is still in use, a little goes a long way, and it works every time.

By Sandra10/01/2009

If there is any way for you to contact the flooring manufacturer, they might have some really good suggestions. When I made my first mess on my brand new carpet, I called the place where I got my carpet, and they told me exactly what to do to clean it in accordance with the most appropriate method.

By Lynne [5]10/01/2009

Skin So Soft by Avon, it's the best for this sort of thing!

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