Recycled Jeans Planters

Recycled Jeans Flower Pot

Recycling jeans sets the stage for many craft projects. This is a guide about recycled jeans planters.


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Tip: Blue Jeans Planter

hanging jeans leg planterThis is a planter made from recycled jeans. Cut jeans leg to 18 inches. Machine sew top of leg. Hemmed bottom is going to be the top. I used grommets and rope to hang mine with, but you could also straps to make a handle. I lined mine with some water resistant material. Fill with potting soil and cut X's big enough for your plants. Continue to fill with soil and plants.

By Deborah from AL

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Tip: Recycle Jeans As A Planter

Recycled Jeans PlanterJust a idea I had some time ago to dress up my old jeans. Fill up the legs with pipe and put some boots on. Put a potted plant in the top and put it than on a old stepladder.

By Sara from Australia

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Question: Making Jeans Plant Pots

I saw this project the other day, you just cut part of the leg off on old jeans, turn them inside out and stitch. I got that part, but forget how the square bottom was made. Can I see that project again?

By ShayShay from Moncton, N.B., Canada

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By Jess [125] 04/23/2015

Here is the guide that has all our projects like that. I think it is the top one.


When you get your planters made, be sure to send us a picture.

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Question: Making a Toddler Blue Jean Planter

I have toddler blue jeans and blue jean skirts and sneakers. I have seen at craft shows a planter made with these. A pot approximately 7 1/2 inches wide is put inside the waistband, and legs are made out of wood and padded with foam to look realistic. The legs are sitting inside the sneakers. They stand about 3 feet tall or according to the size jeans and sneakers you are using. They are adorable. The jeans are not starched, they are just left as they are, but have padded legs made of wood inside of them. They are decorated with belts, different insignias, like Harley Davidson, camo or whatever you want.

We just wondered if anyone has done these and has some sort of instructions we could go by, instead of just winging it. We want to make these for xmas gifts before my husband has surgery, so time is of essence. Thank you.

By Bonnie

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Archive: Making a Flower Planter From Overalls or Jeans

How to make a flower planter out of overalls or old jeans?

Marilyn from Brighton, TN

RE: Making a Flower Planter From Overalls or Jeans

Hi, I make overall planters and the way I make them is really easy and inexpensive. They are completely waterproof. For more info. look at my website www.thehappyhorticulturist.com (09/08/2006)

By luvnaz

Archive: Blue Jeans Planter

I would like directions to make planter/flower pot out of old blue jeans.

cookie1018 from Louisiana

RE: Blue Jeans Planter

Take 4 cups of water and 4 cups of sugar. Cook till water is clean let cool. Put into a pail and dunk your 24 months bib coverall into the pail. Then you take plastic bags and stuff with newspaper and put into the coveralls mold the shape you want. Then you let sit until stiff for 24 hours.

Spray with protective coating until water proofed, usually 6 coats will do. You can spray them with a black paint and then a gold spray paint and then rub off some of the gold to give it an antique look.

Couple of notes: some people use starch instead of sugar, and if you use sugar, be sure to water seal inside and out because the sugar will attract bugs. BTW, I found this information by googling it and I think I'm going to try it myself too! (02/21/2007)

By trishaj