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Softening Hard Bread

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How do I soften hard bread?

Susan from Falmouth, MA


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By Hoseph (Guest Post)10/27/2006

The towel worked like a charm. Thanks.

By Cathy (Guest Post)09/22/2006

Also, you could slice the bread, then place a few slices in the microwave along with a cup of water. Depending on how strong your microwave is, try zapping the bread in 30 second bursts until it gets soft enough.

By melody_yesterday [213]08/22/2006

my grandma used to soften cookies with an apple slice - she just placed it in the cookie jar with the cookies - seems the same thing would work for bread

RE: Softening Hard Bread

By gator10tx (Guest Post)08/22/2006

What works for me... Place a wet paper or cloth towel atop the dry bread then microwave on half-power or less for about 10-30 seconds. The variable depends on how much bread you want to soften and the wattage of your m.oven.

You can do this in a toaster or regular oven but on a low setting; check on it every minute until you learn how long it takes for the bread to soften in your appliances.

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