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Craft Ideas for Old Wooden Spools

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Does anyone have an idea for use of old empty wooden thread spools? Thank you.

By Linda from Niagara Falls, NY


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By janstark01/21/2014

They make really cute Christmas tree ornaments. Glue ribbon, pictures, beads anything that looks like Christmas.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/05/2005

I have a bag full of old wooden spools - not the spools you find today - the old spools anywhere from 8-12 inches, some have the yarn/thread still on them & some don't. I'm looking for crafts to use them in.

Thanks for any help.


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Question: Looking for Empty Thread Spools

The spools (plastic or wood) need to hold around 2 hundred feet of yarn or a little more.

By Curb minor


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Archive: Craft Ideas for Old Wooden Spools

I have empty wooden and plastic spools from thread. These are from small sewing machine thread. Does anyone know easy crafts we can do with them?


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