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Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor on the Kitchen Floor

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About 5 weeks ago I watched my son's puppy and he peed on the carpet and once on the kitchen floor, which I cleaned up. After she left my 3 year old (15#) Bichon/Maltese has been going on the kitchen spot, not every day and not all the time. She does it when we are home, but we can never catch her. We have used Dap, but it does not work. Help.



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By frances [1]01/10/2011

If the dog is going only to the uncarpeted spot in the kitchen, another thing yhou could try is sprinkling a little cayenne pepper on the spot. I know that works for cats as they do not like the smell. It may work for dogs as well. I would try that first and then try the cleaner as the other poster Mrs. Story suggested.

By Lisa [2]01/10/2011

Try an enzymatic cleaner. Just last week I bought a bottle of OUT! Stain and Odor Remover while I was at Wal-Mart. Previously I got PetZyme from Petsmart.

From the back of my new bottle:
-Natural pro-bacteria and enzyme solution permanently removes stains and odors
-Removes pheromones that cause pets to revisit and resoil spots

I have three cats. One throws up from time to time, so I use enzymatic to clean up the spots. When my youngest was a kitten, he had a little pee accident on the couch. I used the enzymatic cleaner, sucked up as much as I could with my carpet cleaner, gave it all one more good spray, and let it air dry. The other cats came around and acted interested while it was drying, but once it was completely dried, I could not smell anything, and the other cats acted completely uninterested (I was so worried they'd all star peeing on that spot!).

So, for us, an enzymatic cleaner is the way to go. I haven't had to try the new bottle yet, but I'm hoping it performs like the stuff from Petsmart. I got it from the area where they have pet shampoos and potty training supplies. I know that there are other brands, too.

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