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My Cat Has Dandruff

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I just got back my black cat from a friend who could no longer keep her. She is full of dander/dandruff. I brush and brush, but can't get rid of it. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. She was eating only dry food, but now I have her on both dry and canned food.

By Sharon from Silver Spring, MD


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By PENNY K [15]07/02/2010

Use emu shampoo, either for pets or humans. Not too much, and rinse well. Bath couple times a month, on warm days, always rinsing more than you think. It works.


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Archive: My Cat Has Dandruff

My cat has dandruff, I think. He has white flakes just around his back. How can I get rid of it?

Hunners from PA

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

My older pet (a dog) has had a problem like this. The only thing that seemed to work was supplementing his food with EFA oil. It is essential fatty acid oil available through such vendors as Puritan's Pride, often on sale! You spoon the correct amount in the food bowl, mix and it goes to work. It also helps with shedding problems. Also, if your pet can tolerate it, I recommend an oatmeal pet shampoo to soothe his skin (Walmart). Hope these help. (05/06/2006)

By Diane

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

We give our dog a food with omega 3 fatty acids, and give him fish oil capsules one in his dish am and pm. Just cut open and squeeze. I also wash him down with Basic H from Shaklee, it is an organic cleaner that does not hurt animals, but repels mosquitoes and kills fleas/mites. It nourishes his skin, makes it less itchy (in fact, I got it to clean my house because he reacted badly to Pine-sol and other cleaners) and makes his coat prettier than it was before! Please take note of what you use to clean, and watch how the animals react; they are not good for man or beast. (05/06/2006)

By camo_angels

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

What part of the back are they on? If the flakes are just around and under his tail, it may be segments of worms, and may need a vet check. If on top of the back, the fish oil capsules would probably help, because it is dry skin. One of my cats had this problem, and it turned out to be tapeworm. Yuck. (05/07/2006)

By jean

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

I have a cat with dandruff also. Our vet told me to brush her every day and after brushing her to take a warm, wet washcloth and run it over her back until she is slightly damp. It seems to have helped quite a bit and Fiona looks forward to her mini bath. (05/09/2006)

By MissyD

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

Please mention this to your vet. My cat had this and the vet said it was due to liver disease. I had to change her food. If it is rust color it is probably from fleas. (05/09/2006)

By Mara

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

I read in a different post that you can also add a teaspoon of olive oil to your kitty's food and that will help with the problem. (06/04/2008)

By fruityana

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

If your kitty is exhibiting any redness, irritation, hair loss, or excessive scratching, she should be seen by a veterinarian. Having said that, however:

Cold weather often brings skin problems such as dry skin, so you might be right on the mark about her lying near the fireplace. The white flakes are most likely normal cat dander (which is the stuff that causes allergies in humans.) There are a number of commercial products available for both topical and oral treatment of dry skin. You could also try adding a bit of oil to kitty's diet, particularly if she is eating a straight dry food diet.

Frequent brushing or combing: two or three times a week for shorthairs and daily for longhairs, also helps in keeping dander and shedding at a minimum. (11/16/2008)

By McKenzie

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

I found a very inexpensive home remedy that works great! You take a stem of rosemary and steep it in a cup of hot water for about 10 minutes, then add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Stir it and put into a squeeze bottle. Whenever I notice dandruff on my cat's backside, I squeeze some of the tonic onto a paper towel and massage it into her fur, or I squeeze it directly onto her backside and massage it in. She's dandruff free for about 2 months after that. (01/03/2009)

By Gina D.

RE: My Cat Has Dandruff

Changing their cat food can help with dandruff. Look for a food that has more meat. Also my friend started her cat on a supplement from Dinovite and it has really improved her coat. (06/04/2009)

By shelly b

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